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Dataconomy reviews how Big Data is revolutionising various industries, forming the key basis for competition, innovation and productivity growth.

The 3 Reasons Why Companies Should Use Hpc
Big DataIndustryTechnology & IT

Researchers have estimated that 25 years ago, around 100GB of data was generated every day. By 1997, we were generating 100GB every hour and by 2002 the same amount of data was generated in a second. We’re on trajectory – by 2018 – to generate 50TB of data every single

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Have A Data-Appropriate Christmas: Big Data, Big Companies And Santa
Big DataIndustry

Don’t think data analytics play a major role in the holiday season? Everyone from consumers, to retailers, to CEOs will be crunching numbers this December. PCA Predict’s Big Data Labs 2014 Christmas Report notes that 25% of ecommerce transactions in the UK last year were in the months of November

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Processing Big Data Using 1.5Kb
Data ScienceIndustryTechnology & IT

During one of our data-munging sessions here at Coralogix, we found ourselves needing to assess the cardinality of large data sets. Getting the accurate result is seemingly trivial: you simply iterate over the data, and count the number of unique elements. In reality, however, the task is more troublesome, mainly

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'Streams In The Beginning, Graphs In The End' - Part Ii: Sensors, Event Streams And ‘Upside Down’ Databases
IndustryTechnology & IT

‘Streams in the Beginning, Graphs in the End’ is a three-part series by Dataconomy contributor and Senior Director of Product Management at Cray, Inc., Venkat Krishnamurthy – focusing on how big changes are afoot in data management, driven by a very different set of use cases around sensor data processing. In part I, we talked about

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'Big Data Started A Mentality Revolution': An Interview With Data Scientist Ignacio Elola
ConversationsIndustryTechnology & IT

Ignacio Elola is a self-proclaimed ‘data nerd, data punk and data scientist’ at , a young startup that’s shaking up the world of data. With their free app, you can transform any website into a table of data or an API in minutes. Recently voted Best Startup by O’Reilly Strata Santa Clara,

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Datastax Debuts Dse 4.7, The Complete Enterprise Database Platform
IndustryNewsTechnology & IT

DataStax today announced the general availability of DataStax Enterprise 4.7 (DSE 4.7), the database platform purpose-built for the performance and availability demands of web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. With significant advancements to integrated enterprise search, analytics, security, in-memory computing, and database management and monitoring, DSE 4.7 is capable

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Datahero Raises $6.1M Series A To Simplify Data Analysis
BI & AnalyticsIndustryMarketing & SalesNews

DataHero, the self-service Cloud BI provider, just took $6.1 million in a Series A funding round led by existing investor Foundry Group. In addition, it has introduced software industry veteran Ed Miller as its new CEO, and announced a partnership with inbound marketing and sales platform HubSpot. Miller boasts 25 years experience as a software

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We met with Michael Carvin, the CEO & Co-founder of, at the Finovate conference in San Jose. SmartAsset is a finance platform that empowers users with highly personalized information and recommendations around financial decisions. It’s the Web’s first personal finance platform designed to empower people with highly personalized information and recommendations

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Simply Smart: Automated Decisions For Services
BI & AnalyticsIndustry

Uwe Weiss is CEO of Blue Yonder, a leading provider of predictive analytics. He has more than 20 years of experience in the enterprise software sector and he is an expert in cloud computing and SaaS. Mr. Weiss was the co-founder and CEO of various successful start-ups and growth companies,

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A Good Week For Startups: Splice Machine And Platfora Present New Software
IndustryNewsStartupsTechnology & IT

The analytics startups market was a hive of activity last week. As well as more established companies making exciting announcements, such as IBM’s new software-defined storage technology and SAS’ expansion of their Hadoop in-memory analytics range, it was a big week for the startups too. Monday saw Splice Machine’s Hadoop

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