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Dataconomy reviews how Big Data is revolutionising various industries, forming the key basis for competition, innovation and productivity growth.

Celmatix: Big Data Technology For Maximising Fertility
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Celmatix, a US-based startup, are beginning clinical trials for their Big Data technology in the field of fertility treatment. Their technology Polaris, so-named for the guiding star in astronomy, computes massive amounts of data to better predict which fertility treatments a particular patient will respond to best. Polaris will initially

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Alchemyapi Unveils Alchemyvision, Intelligent Computer Vision Api
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  Alchemy API is branching out from its usual realm of natural-language processing and into the world of computer vision. Its new product, Alchemy Vision, is the first computer vision API on the market to understand complex visual scenes without textual clues. Using the pixel content, AlchemyVision can recognise multiple

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Ibm Launches New Software-Defined Storage Technology
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IBM has announced a new portfolio of software-defined storage technology, which intelligently decreases the cost of IT infrastructure and offers unparalleled processing speeds. The technology was developed for the Watson Artificial Intelligence Project, which can comb through 200 million pages of structured and unstructured data in minutes. Watson famously ‘outsmarted’

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London Fintech Scene On The Rise

The London fintech scene is on the rise. London is not only the financial hub of Europe, it has also taken the place of the global fintech capital. Building on its traditional strength in financial technology services, it is able to draw on the expertise of around 135k employees in

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Interview With Sablono
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We met with Lukas Olbrich the co-founder and co-CEO at Sablono.Sablono is a software company founded and based in Berlin. The company is developing software solutions for the construction industry with a focus on project management and scheduling tools. The main product is Sablono BIMtime. Who are you and what brings you

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Foundationdb - Nosql Database With Acid Transactions

We spoke with Dave Rosenthal, CEO of FoundationDB, over a conference call last week. Dave  gave us an overview of FoundationDB and its business activities. FoundationDB is a NoSQL database with a shared nothing architecture.The product is designed around a “core” database, with additional features supplied in “layers.” The core database exposes an ordered key-value store with transactions. The

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Gpredictive - Data Driven Decisions For Marketing &Amp; Sales
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We met up with founders of GPredictive. GPredictive ´s mission is to provide customers with solutions that make decisions based upon data as easy as possible. Who are you and what are you doing? We are G-Predictive, a big data start-up. We want to give access to everyone to the

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Mammothdb: The Easy Jet Of Big Data

We caught up with the founders of MammothDB at the CODE_n contest in Hannover. MammothDB was chosen from amongst various global big data startups to present their technology and services at CeBIT 2014. MammothDB is a specialized analytics database – much like Teradata or Vertica – but offered at a

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