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Facebook Ego4D Ai Dataset And Benchmarks
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Facebook has announced Ego4D, a long-term project aimed at solving AI research challenges in “egocentric perception,” or first-person views. The goal is to teach AI systems to comprehend and interact with the world like humans do as opposed to in the third-person, omniscient way that most AI currently does. It’s

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Three Trends In Data Science Jobs You Should Know
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If you are a Data Scientist wondering what companies could have the most career opportunities or an employer looking to hire the best data science talent but aren’t sure what titles to use in your job listings — a recent report using Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph could hold some answers for

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Why Outsourcing Social Media Data Access Is A Good Thing
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It’s no news that unstructured data has been a highly sought after source since its inception, first for determining public topical insights and now for training machine learning algorithms. The critical question to answer is whether you should outsource the collection to overcome business challenges or not? Mike Madarasz explains

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Data Monetization In A Pro-Privacy World

For over the last decade, some of the most successful companies on earth have made their riches by mining user data and selling it to advertisers. The big question is whether this will continue to be a sustainable business model with the ever-mounting scrutiny on data privacy and if not

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Social Data Gets Sticky: The Ethics Of Big Data In Research
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Everyone in the data chain has to worry about the question of ethics and security. Individuals want to protect their data. Companies and researchers want to learn from it. Big data, like many other emerging areas of technology, suffer from very real ethical problems. Regulations, governing bodies, and even general

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Deep Learning In 2016: Tech Giants Move To Share Data
Machine Learning

Deep Learning is one of the key parts of data science. As data becomes increasingly important and accessible, today’s biggest companies are rapidly investing in deep learning. In fact, it is considered to be so vital to future technologies that many are sharing their own results and discoveries with the

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Facebook Diving Deeper Into Ai With Text &Amp; Video Recognition
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The second day at F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference, saw quite a few updates from the social networking giant. Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer, Mike Schroepfer, addressed their “long-term technology investments” in Connectivity Lab, Facebook AI Research and Oculus. Speaking about Facebook’s AI endeavour, Schroepfer said demonstrated how they have progressed

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Dataminr Is The Secret Weapon Of Journalists And Hedge Funds
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Dataminr, a real-time information discovery outfit, has picked up $130 million in growth capital in a Series D funding round, it announced on Tuesday after Wall Street Journal broke the news. “This newly raised capital will enable Dataminr to meet the tremendous global demand for our products, expand into new

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Airbnb Open Sources Airpal- Their Nosql Secret Weapon Built On Facebook'S Presto
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Airbnb open sourced a web-based data exploration and SQL query tool for Hadoop called Airpal, built on Facebook’s PrestoDB, that enables query execution to facilitate data analysis, Thursday. Making the announcement, James Mayfield, product lead at Airbnb explains that working with SQL for ‘exploration and investigation’ is not easy. “Remembering

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An Introduction To Recommendation Engines
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I’ve previously written a lot on data mining in the abstract; now, I want to start taking you through some practical applications. Welcome to the fascinating world of the recommendation engine- this post will walk through the concepts, and later posts will teach you how to implement your own. What

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