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Data Analytics And Artificial Intelligence: Salary, Jobs And More
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Data analytics and artificial intelligence are changing how businesses decide their paths today. All we hear about is data these days. We hear about how much is produced, how crucial it is, and how corporations use it to further their objectives and boost profits. Yet how? Yes, much of it

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Data Processing Technology History
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Devices were once valued only for their direct function. We dreamed, invented, and benefited. We continued to develop our ideas as time passed. We have pocketed more processing power than early spacecrafts and succeeded in connecting the whole world at this point. Data wells out from this digital world we

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Parallel Computing In Data Mining And Analysis
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Parallel Computing, also referred to as Parallel Processing, is a computing architecture that uses several processors to handle separate parts of an overall task. The architecture divides complex problems into small computations and distributes the workload between multiple processors working simultaneously. Parallel computing principles are employed in most supercomputers to

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Get The Facts Straight: The 10 Most Common Statistical Blunders
Data ScienceData Science 101Understanding Big Data

Competent analysis is not only about understanding statistics, but about implementing the correct statistical approach or method. In this brief article I will showcase some common statistical blunders that we generally make and how to avoid them. To make this information simple and consumable I have divided these errors into

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400,000 Github Repositories, 1 Billion Files, 14 Terabytes Of Code: Tabs Or Spaces?
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Using tabs or spaces when writing a new line of code has been one of the fiercest battles ever fought among coders. Because we don’t live in a perfect world where everybody indents and aligns according to the same standards, the debate is ultimately reduced to how source-code is displayed in editing software.

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Data Around The World - Part Vii: Hacking At Itility
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The last stage of the STORM 80-day tour will be driven on November 2 – from Paris to Eindhoven, accompanied by many electrical vehicles. Hacking at ITility In the meantime, we used the results from the hackathon at Stanford University, to dig deeper into that same data set during the

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Data Around The World - Part Iv: All Roads Lead To... China
ContributorsData ScienceTransportation & Logistics

This week, the STORM team arrived in China – after passing 13 countries and 12 borders, and after a long, long wait at the border to receive Chinese driver licenses. Now there will be 16 days spent in this one country. In this post we’ll find out something more about

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&Quot;The Market Still Needs A Little More Time To Get Ready For Autonomous Driving.&Quot;- Interview With Christian Bubenheim
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Since January 2015 Christian Bubenheim has been Senior Vice President Marketing & Product of AutoScout24. Before that he was part of the management team of Amazon Deutschland GmbH and responsible for the business unit „Consumables“ including health & beauty as well as foods. From 2003 to 2008 he was General

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Speaker Spotlight: Q&Amp;A With Tu Wien'S Allan Hanbury - Data Natives Berlin 2016
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Data Natives Berlin speaker Allan Hanbury is Senior Researcher and Privatdozent at the TU Wien, Austria. Since 2010, he has coordinated EU-funded research and development projects on analysis and search of medical text and image data. This led to the recent founding of a start-up, ContextFlow, which is bringing the

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How To Use Cohort Data To Analyze User Behavior
Data ScienceUnderstanding Big Data

In the world of data analysis, one tool is often left unused. While being a very powerful analytics tool, cohorts are often pushed aside due to their seemingly complex nature. With a lot to offer in the way of data analysis, let’s take a deeper (yet simplified) look into cohorts.

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