These days, branding is a highly calibrated art form. It used to be that there was a lot of guesswork. Thanks to data monitoring tools, and the many competent professionals trained to use them, those days are a thing of the past. 

Data monitoring tools work by helping compile and process vast swaths of information into comprehensible information sets that, with the help of the right professionals, can be used to significant effect. 

In this article, we look at six tools that you can use to track and improve your brand’s campaign. 

How to measure brand engagement: The best data monitoring tools

“Brand engagement” is a fluid term, the success or failure of which is defined first by what you hope to achieve. For example, suppose you are launching a social media campaign to generate awareness. In that case, the health of your brand engagement could be defined simply by how often consumers interact with or share your content. 

On the other hand, if you are trying to shift your brand identity into, say, being a company known for customer service or environmentally friendly business practices, the monitoring process can get a little bit more complicated. 

Here, you might look at customer satisfaction scores, exit surveys, churn rates, and other factors that illuminate harder to quantify considerations. Below, we look at tools that can help with all stages of brand campaign performance monitoring. 


Broadly considered one of the most user-friendly brand performance monitoring tools on the market, HootSuite allows users to survey the health of their ad campaign on virtually any social media platform at a glance. 

 The Best Data Monitoring Tools: Hootsuite
The best data monitoring tools: Hootsuite

The viewer interface can be tweaked to provide basic insights like overall engagement or dialed in to focus on more specific factors such as keyword performance or the health of your hashtag game. 

Altryx Designer

Altryx Designer is a data mining tool built for analysts who don’t necessarily have a background in coding. This makes it somewhat more accessible. The system can also be integrated into a range of other applications, making it much easier to cleanly port unstructured and structured data into the system to reach conclusions.

 The Best Data Monitoring Tools: Altryx Designer
The best data monitoring tools: Altryx Designer

It can be highly refined to zero in on your brand’s specific goals, and it can be combined with hundreds of other analytic tools to provide a more customized user experience. 

RapidMinder Studio

RapidMiner Studio is a data mining application that boasts a robust free version, with the option for paid additional services that increase your analytic capabilities. The tool is known for blending structured and unstructured data and can harvest information from nearly any source. 

 The Best Data Monitoring Tools: Rapidminder Studio
The best data monitoring tools: RapidMinder Studio

User friendly and known for its accessibility, RapidMiner Studios includes a vast suite of visualization tools that make the information piles easy to view in the user’s preferred manner. 

Sisense for Cloud Data Data Teams

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is a robust tool known for its features that make its information accessible and easy to comprehend for the layperson.

 The Best Data Monitoring Tools: Sisense For Cloud Data Data Teams
The best data monitoring tools: Sisense for Cloud Data Data Teams

Capable of distilling data from nearly any source, Sisense is a dependable application for harvesting massive quantities of info in a conducive format for collaboration—making it the perfect option for data-driven teamwork. 

Tibco Data Science

Tibco Data Science is a tool that distinguishes itself by being at once comprehensive and accessible. With over 16,000 different data set options, it can provide a robust look at any aspect of your brand management that you are hoping to gain insights from. 

 The Best Data Monitoring Tools: Tibco Data Science
The best data monitoring tools: Tibco Data Science

It features communication integrations that make the tool highly conducive to collaboration and relies on artificial intelligence to help automate processes. 

SAS Data Mining and Machine Learning

SAS Data Mining features a point and click interface defined for accessibility to people who come in at a wide range of different skill levels. It includes collaborative functionality designed for easy teamwork and integrates with many compatible software programs for enhanced performance. 

 The Best Data Monitoring Tools: Sas Data Mining And Machine Learning
The best data monitoring tools: SAS Data Mining and Machine Learning

SAS Data Mining can harvest from many sources and uses machine learning and automation to make information sets both manageable and easy to understand. 

The right data monitoring tool for you

As the list shows, different objectives will shape the tool you reach for. Offices that operate in a highly collaborative environment may go for a much different tool than those with only one or two data specialists. Similarly, a business that already has a matured tech stack will need to look for a tool that has compatible integrations. 

Choosing the right option is an art form that can significantly affect your workflow. As you peruse your options, remember that accessibility is critical. While the data analyst may have a good idea of what they are looking at, implementation will ultimately be everyone’s job. 

The key to finding success with your monitoring tools hinges on the program’s ability to do the most good for the widest number of employees. The data scientists will use the information to conclude, but the rest of your staff takes those conclusions and uses them to refine your brand image. 

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