The Strata + Hadoop World Conference has meant companies have been announcing new products, updates and funding left, right and centre this week. Microsoft are not immune to the dramatic appeal of sharing new announcements with a massive live audience, and unveiled a raft of new features for their Azure platform at the conference this week.

In an accompanying blogpost, Microsoft’s “Corporate Vice President, Data Platform” TK Rengarajan discussed how the new features speak directly to the demands of their customers. He stated:

Big data, including Hadoop and advanced analytics, is changing the way our customers do business. As they collect and store more data than ever before, they expect more from their data and want more insights from it, including being able to do real-time analytics over streams of data to complement their existing Hadoop deployments. Microsoft’s approach is to make it easier for our customers to work with data of any type and size — using the tools, languages and frameworks they want — in a trusted cloud environment.

One of the key items in the announcements- as the blog intimates- is support for real-time operational analytics on the Azure HDInsight, courtesy of Apache Storm integration. Also key is the integration of Hortonworks Data Platform into the latest Azure release. They’ve also incorporated a range of new machine learning packages, including a recommendation engine, anomaly detection for maintenance and fraud detection, and a library of R packages.

Source: BetaNews

(Image credit: Microsoft)

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