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The Market Practitioner Panel (MPP), an advising panel assisting the Bank of England has revealed that in the near future, Big Data could be utilized by financial institutions to detect illegal trading practices carried out by City traders. The MPP noted that current methods of spotting trading malpractices like  ‘key

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Argyle Data, a real-time fraud analytics startup, has rolled out its flagship anti-fraud software, alongside an announcement of $4.5 million in funding to help companies detect and combat fraud through machine learning and real-time analytics. Dubbed AgyleDB, the application taps NSA’s open source Accumulo database technology to “perform deep-packet inspection

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The Strata + Hadoop World Conference has meant companies have been announcing new products, updates and funding left, right and centre this week. Microsoft are not immune to the dramatic appeal of sharing new announcements with a massive live audience, and unveiled a raft of new features for their Azure

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