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75 Big Data Terms Everyone Should Know
Big DataData Science 101Understanding Big Data

This article is a continuation of my first article, 25 Big Data terms everyone should know. Since it got such an overwhelmingly positive response, I decided to add an extra 50 terms to the list.  Just to give you a quick recap, I covered the following terms in my first

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Big Data Innovation
Big DataUnderstanding Big Data

An innovation that creates a new value network and market, and disrupts an existing market and value network by displacing the leading, highly established alliances, products and firms is known as Disruptive Innovation.  Clayton M. Christensen and his coworkers defined and analyzed this phenomenon in the year 1995. But, every

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&Quot;Spark Has The Potential To Be As Transformational In The Computing Landscape As The Emergence Of Linux...&Quot; - Interview With Levyx'S Reza Sadri

Reza Sadri is the CEO of Levyx, the creators of high-performance processing technology for big-data applications. Prior to Levyx, Sadri was the CTO for software at sTec, which was acquired by Western Digital Corporation in 2013.   What is the potential of Spark? How far is the market from realizing

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&Quot;Hadoop Practitioners Alike Should Rejoice In The Rise Of Spark...&Quot;- Interview With Altiscale'S Mike Maciag

Mike Maciag is the COO of Altiscale. Prior to Altiscale, he served as the president and CEO for DevOps leader Electric Cloud, where he grew the revenue from zero to tens of millions while building a worldwide presence and signing hundreds of blue-chip customers. Mike holds an MBA from Northwestern

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3 Reasons Why In-Hadoop Analytics Are A Big Deal
Data ScienceTechnology & IT

Recent technology advances within the Apache Hadoop ecosystem have provided a big boost to Hadoop’s viability as an analytics environment—above and beyond just being a good place to store data. Leveraging these advances, new technologies now support SQL on Hadoop, making in-cluster analytics of data in Hadoop a reality. This

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Hadoop And Spark: A Match Made In (Big Data) Heaven
Big DataData Science

If you listen in on what people are talking about at Big Data conferences, chances are you’ll hear a lot of buzz around Hadoop and Spark. People often think of Hadoop and Apache Spark as key tools for tackling a wide range of big data challenges, but they assume that

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Smoke Signals Coming From Your Hadoop Cluster
Data Science

As Hadoop gains traction among companies of all sizes, many are discovering that getting a cluster to run optimally is a daunting task. In fact, it’s impossible for any human to respond in real time to all the changing conditions across multiple nodes to fix problems causing bottlenecks or performance

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Data Natives Budapest Recap

On Thursday, December 10th, we hosted our second Big Data meetup in Budapest, Hungary. The event was held at the Colabs Startup Centre and ran from 7 to 10 pm, allowing for the audience to get some key networking time in after. We had a great lineup of speakers who captivated

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Improving The Accuracy Of Big Data Analysis
Big DataTechnology & IT

For many people, it stands to reason that the more data you analyze, the more accurate your results will be. That’s why the idea behind big data analytics is so appealing. After all, a business can spend its time gathering lots of information, analyze it, and come up with some

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Top 10 Big Data Videos On Youtube
Data Science 101Machine Learning

Whether you’re entirely new to the field of big data, or looking to expand your machine learning knowledge; whether you have 3 hours or 3 minutes; whether you want you want to know more about the technology, or the high-level applications- this list is a sample of the best Youtube

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