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Cloud - risks of rapid expansion

Businesses across virtually every industry are rapidly adopting cloud service solutions. The global cloud computing market was worth an impressive $371.4 billion in 2020 and could more than double to $832.1 billion by 2025. Amid this rapid expansion, organizations must recognize this movement’s risks. Cloud security isn’t necessarily less secure

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Moving data - why is it so expensive?
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Many company representatives commit to moving massive amounts of data to a new location and anticipate numerous advantages. For example, a small business could become more competitive after transferring some content to the cloud. Managing data on-site is a labor-intensive exercise that often becomes prohibitively challenging. Off-site service providers typically

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time series
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The Estimators API in tf.contrib.learn (See tutorial here) is a very convenient way to get started using TensorFlow. The really cool thing from my perspective about the Estimators API is that using it is a very easy way to create distributed TensorFlow models. Many of the TensorFlow samples that you

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Migrating from an on-premise server to a cloud server will offer you a wide range of benefits. They range from a reduction to your involvement in database management to getting more advanced features from a third party whose main job is to offer the best database services. All in all,

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Cloud computing is quickly becoming popular and the number of cloud based applications is increasing with the passage of each day. One of these is the cloud based knowledge base. A knowledge base is a digital resource that contains data as well as the rules for sharing and updating information

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At a blistering pace and for a variety of reasons, companies are migrating their on-premise database infrastructures to cloud-based solutions—to save costs on hardware, tame the impact of disaster recovery or even to improve security. As the missing pieces of the Cloud continue to be identified and put into place,

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How did you end up working with Cloud technology, and what excites you about the future for it? I started my career in hosting technology back in the mid 90s, right when the first dot-com boom began. As hosting technology matured and naturally evolved into cloud, so did my career.

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Once upon a time, the United States government was a strong advocate for phone encryption. They encouraged iPhone users, for example, to take advantage of the four-digit passcode option to keep their phones more secure. Apple’s recent iOS 8 Update even took encryption to the next level: all important data,

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Cloud BI and Analytics outfit, Birst has announced garnering $65 million in a Series F funding round. The new capital will fuel further growth, international outreach, sales and marketing as well as development of product capabilities. This round, pointed out by the CEO to be the last before it goes

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Provider of data-driven applications and modern data management solutions for the enterprise, Reltio, has secured $10 million in a Series A funding. The capital came from Crosslink Capital and .406 Ventures. The venture funding is intended to fuel product development, and overall expansion of sales and marketing initiatives. Reltio also

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