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Eu Competition Authority’s Approval Precipitates The Last Leg Of Facebook’s Multi-Billion Dollar Acquisition Of Whatsapp

Facebook has finally received the nod from the European Commission that has been assessing the $19 billion acquisition of messaging service WhatsApp. Google has found itself in hot water with the European authorities of late, but Facebook have avoided such struggles for now. The EU Commission has found that Facebook’s

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&Quot;Whatsapp A Good Deal For Facebook&Quot; -Ingo Mierswa, Ceo Rapidminer

Ingo Mierswa CEO of Rapidminer has stated that “Whatsapp was a good deal for facebook”. Ingo points out that with over 450 million users  WhatsApp is already a very strong player on the market. Going forward Ingo believes that the company can  reach an  user base of over 1 billion users

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