Movio AI spokesperson video generator is ready to tell your story convincingly. The AI video generator render processes are fairly quick, and videos are ready to publish in just a few minutes! How is it possible? Movio AI combines generative AI with other machine learning frameworks like generative adversarial networks (GAN) to quickly create videos with lifelike AI avatars.

We have already explained some of the best AI tools, such as DALL-E 2 or Meta’s Make-A-Video, and now it is time to explore the Movio AI video generator. Before moving on, you can also check out the most commonly used artificial intelligence terms in our AI glossary.

What is Movio AI spokesperson video generator?

You can create AI spokesperson videos with flawless lip-syncing using Movio AI in only a few minutes. You can use it for corporate training, online education, explainer videos, promotional videos, and much more.

The site targets advertisers with a drag-and-drop interface like Canva. Users first choose a template from a selection. After that, a hyperrealistic avatar can be added to serve as the video’s “spokesperson,” with voice produced via text input. The AI-created human’s appearance, speech, and clothing may change with a click. Is it sound hard? Don’t worry; we will explain how to use Movio AI in the next section.

Movio can only simulate talking heads currently, but the company is trying to develop whole-body movement generation capabilities in the future. This will help the business come closer to its stated objective of being an “all-in-one AI video production platform.”

“We are doing what Jasper and do but for video production. AI-generated video is just a small segment within the AIGC [AI generated content] industry. We’ve seen how much text-to-image can do, and I expect text-to-video to bring about even greater disruption when it’s ready.”

Josh Xu, Co-founder and CEO of Movio AI

The startup charges users according to the duration of their videos to the script they submit, and those who utilize personalized faces are charged more. The use of this function in corporate training is very widespread. Additionally, Movio has made its API available to other websites, some of which utilize it to build pop-up customer assistance avatars.

Movio Ai Narrates Your Stories With Lifelike Ai Avatars Capable Of Convincing Lip Sync, Gestures And Expressions
Image courtesy: Movio AI

The number of Movio users that are paying clients is getting close to 1000. Investors participating in the investment round, which totaled about $9 million, included Sequoia Capital China, IDG, and Baidu Ventures.

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Movio AI features

You may produce high-caliber videos for marketing, sales, training, and education using Movio with these features:

  • 80+ AI avatars
    • With Movio, you may pick from more than 80 AI avatars representing various ages, races, and poses.
  • 20+ CG Avatars
    • Movio has the ability to produce 3D avatars that closely resemble humans and have realistic lips and facial emotions. Additionally, you can choose 3D avatars to produce compelling films with high CTA rates that advance your company.
  • Talking photos
    • Create talking images using Movio by uploading a portrait image and adding the text. This feature is free and limitless for all!
  • Text to speech in 200+ voices across 20+ languages
  • Audio Uploads
    • For a unique Avatar, record your voice and upload it.
  • Multi-Scene Videos
    • Create a video that combines multiple scenes. End-to-end movies are just as simple to use as PowerPoint slides.
  • 1080P Download
  • Video Sharing
  • Creative styles
  • Background music
  • Various templates

For designing videos, the platform creates a drag-and-drop interface in the style of Canva. So, it is easy to use.

“I have been using sirius for the past 6 months, I am very happy with the service and customer support, they are fast and efficient. The avatars are great and smooth the lips sink is on point, those guys always improved the platform constantly, they work really hard, highly recommend to any one who wants to create explainer video and education, promo videos you name it they have it all. Thank you guys and keep up the good work your loving friend Patrick Mclean.”

Producthunt review

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Movio wants to make it simple for you to establish an AI spokesperson quickly. Its video synthesis is incredibly quick, thanks to the large number of predefined templates it has. The created video may also be instantly customized and shared on desktop and mobile devices, and scripts can be turned into video footage, all with Movio.

How to use the Movio AI spokesperson video generator?

As we mentioned, creating AI videos with Movio AI is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Select from more than 80 AI avatars or make your own
Movio Ai Narrates Your Stories With Lifelike Ai Avatars Capable Of Convincing Lip Sync, Gestures And Expressions
Image courtesy: Movio AI
  • Type your script
Movio Ai Narrates Your Stories With Lifelike Ai Avatars Capable Of Convincing Lip Sync, Gestures And Expressions
Image courtesy: Movio AI
  • Choose language
Movio Ai Narrates Your Stories With Lifelike Ai Avatars Capable Of Convincing Lip Sync, Gestures And Expressions
Image courtesy: Movio AI
  • Finalize the screenplay.
Movio Ai Narrates Your Stories With Lifelike Ai Avatars Capable Of Convincing Lip Sync, Gestures And Expressions
Image courtesy: Movio AI

Of course, it will be better, and the watermark can be removed. But for it, you should look at the pricing options.

Movio AI pricing

Movio AI has 4 different pricing options:

  • Free
  • Essential: $30/Month
  • Pro: $30/Month
  • Enterprise: Customized plans

These are Movio AI’s monthly subscription plans. If you choose yearly, you can get a %20 discount. But first, let’s take a closer look at what Movio AI’s subscription plans offer.

Movio Ai Narrates Your Stories With Lifelike Ai Avatars Capable Of Convincing Lip Sync, Gestures And Expressions
Movio AI has 200+ voices across 20+ languages

Movio AI Free

  • 1-min Video Credits / Month
  • 100+ Human Avatars
  • 20+ CG Avatars
  • 20+ languages
  • 200+ voices
  • 200+ templates
  • TalkingPhoto Upload
  • FaceSwap
  • PowerPoint/PPT Import
  • Up to 5-min per video
  • Video Bio
  • Video Share
  • Web Widget Export

Movio AI Essential

These additional features are available with this plan:

  • Auto Captions
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • No Watermark
  • Priority Video Processing
  • Branding Kit

Movio AI Pro

With this plan, you can get the API Access feature.

Movio AI Enterprise

Enterprises need to contact the Movio AI team for customized plans.

  • All Pro Benefits
  • Larger video Volume
  • Catered Team Support

Why Movio AI?

  • Businesses can use Movio to produce expert films at scale using AI avatars.
  • Artificial intelligence-made videos are produced significantly more quickly than traditional videos.
  • There is no need for actors, studios, or cameras.
  • Cost-efficient than traditional ways.
  • You could begin making videos online for nothing.
  • You don’t need any editing expertise to produce a polished video.
  • To further personalize your video, there are more than 20 languages and 200 accents at any time.

AI tools make our lives easier, and Movio is not the only one. Check out the others for AI-made videos.

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Movio AI alternative AI video generators

Since digital avatars are so popular right now, many different platforms allow you to make and personalize your unique avatars. Of course, they are all distinctive, and most have cool features that make them stand out from the competitors.

Movio Ai Narrates Your Stories With Lifelike Ai Avatars Capable Of Convincing Lip Sync, Gestures And Expressions
Monthly Movio AI pricing plans start from $30

The best platforms for creating avatar videos are listed briefly below, along with information about their capabilities and pricing.

Synthesia AI

One of the more well-known video production platforms is Synthesia, which enables you to make marketing and training videos in real time without relying on various tools. It has outstanding text-to-speech features and supports more than sixty different languages, allowing you to create a unique avatar and have it read a script if you like.

You must pay $30 per month to utilize Synthesia for personal purposes. Conversely, you will need to haggle over the pricing for corporate use.

Leading text-to-video platform enables users to create video content with actual people using only text. Its basic plan starts at $29/15 video minutes per month and has a free trial.

Uneeq Digital Humans

The platform’s main focus is creating your own digital human. It relies on contemporary artificial intelligence to provide you with just top-notch finished goods that can learn on their own and develop over time to become more adept at their tasks. The best feature? It even provides avatars of well-known individuals like Einstein! The Digital Humans service is free to try, but you must contact Uneeq about pricing options if you want a more expensive package.


If you want to turn photographs into videos, D-ID is an excellent option. It is a terrific option for marketing, internal communication, and more creative projects because it is built on powerful machine learning. The pro edition of D-ID costs $49 a month and offers a free trial. The cost of the enterprise plan is adjustable.

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