People have already fallen in love with the AI story generator game AI Dungeon. The gameplay of AI Dungeon is similar to that of a traditional text adventure game from the 1980s, except there is no set script that the player or characters must adhere to. Instead, the AI uses a template to create a unique adventure for each player that changes according to what they do, how they interact with the non-player characters, and how they interact with their environment.

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What is AI Dungeon?

Freemium text adventure game AI Dungeon uses artificial intelligence to create content for both single-player and multiplayer modes. Players are able to design and share their own unique adventure scenarios. In 2019, developer Nick Walton released the AI Dungeon, the AI story generator game. Think of D&D with an AI acting as your dungeon master if you’ve never heard of the AI script generator.

Its first edition was made accessible on Colab in May 2019, and in December 2019, a second version, tentatively dubbed AI Dungeon 2, was made available online and on iOS and Android devices. Later, in July 2020, the AI model was updated. Lastly, Latitude brings AI-generated artwork to AI Dungeon with Stable Diffusion.

“With Stable Diffusion, image generation is fast enough and cheap enough to offer custom image generation to everyone. Image generation is fun on its own, and being able to create custom images to go with your AI Dungeon story was a no brainer.”

 Latitude senior marketing director Josh Terranova told TechCrunch

We already explained what is Stable Diffusion along with DALL-E 2MidjourneyDreamBooth AIWombo DreamMake-A-VideoChai App, and NovelAI.

In the text adventure game AI Dungeon, artificial intelligence is used to create open-ended plots in response to input from the player. Players can select a scenario for their adventures from the following: fantasy, mystery, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, or zombies. That setting will then be followed by options pertinent to it, such as character class for fantasy settings.

As the game progresses, written descriptions are generated. Additionally, it has the ability to create visuals of the player’s character by providing a visual model with the player’s text description.

While the paid Vantage edition includes a variety of AI models, each with unique properties, the AI story generator uses the GPT-2 language models. Griffin, a 6 billion-parameter AI engine that produces answers more quickly, appears to be the default. However, you can alternatively choose Dragon, a 178 billion parameter GPT-3 engine significantly more advanced, and pair it with Hydra to prioritize responses.

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How to play AI Dungeon?

How do I create a script in AI Dungeon? After selecting their adventure’s scenario (such as fantasy, mystery, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, or zombies), players are presented with options related to that setting (such as character class for fantasy settings).

The Ai Dungeon'S Never-Ending Adventures Are Now More Striking With Images Created By Stable Diffusion
Image courtesy: AI Dungeon

Following the start of an adventure, the player can select one of three major ways to engage with each of their pieces of text input:

  • Do: A verb that enables the player to conduct an action must come after it.
  • Say: It must be followed by dialogue fragments that let players interact with other characters.
  • Story: Sentences that describe events that advance the plot or information players want the AI to know about upcoming events may be added after this one.

Most player-inputted activities are adjusted to and addressed by the game. Additionally, players can undo/redo current events or change the game’s narrative by providing blank input to the AI, which will generate new content. Additionally, players can directly tell the AI certain components to “remember” for later in their playthrough.

The Ai Dungeon'S Never-Ending Adventures Are Now More Striking With Images Created By Stable Diffusion
Image courtesy: AI Dungeon

You can use AI to construct a world from scratch or utilize one already set up by someone else when playing a text adventure. You may make up whatever kind of story you want and use text prompts to play it through, whether it’s a western, science fiction, or fantasy. Each text prompt offers three options: Do something, Say something, or share a recent event with the story. The adventure is further honed with each choice.

You can also play the game multiplayer.

AI Dungeon multiplayer

Players can invite other players to play AI Dungeon with them in the exclusive multiplayer mode. The storylines are typically character-based, and there is simultaneous play for multiple players.

In contrast to single-player games, which portray actions and tales in the second person (“you”), multiplayer games present stories in the third person. Since multiplayer is not turn-based, AI can always receive input from any player. In a multiplayer game, all participants have access to commands.

Check out the official AI Dungeon guide for detailed information.

Can I play AI Dungeon without an account?

For a complete user experience on AI Dungeon, you must have an active account. However, for a brief period of time, you can test drive the AI story generator without making an account.

How does AI Dungeon work?

Artificial intelligence is used in AI Dungeon to produce its content. The AI story generator creates the narrative and outcomes of your actions while you play in this virtual world using enormous natural language AI models.

AI Dungeon prompts: How to write one?

Powerful tools for maintaining your adventure’s coherence are prompt settings.

The Ai Dungeon'S Never-Ending Adventures Are Now More Striking With Images Created By Stable Diffusion
Image courtesy: AI Dungeon

Here are some suggestions for every setting:


Gather data to help the AI become more accurate. Memory is inserted before the actual tale input when delivered to the AI model. The /remember command can be used to access memory.

Author’s Note

When the context is supplied to the AI, the author’s note is always shown three lines above your current input. Since it is so near the bottom, it has more influence than memory. You can use it to tell the AI to write in a particular tone or style.

Banned Words

A technique to filter out words that can be upsetting to you is to use the list of forbidden terms. Preventing players from uttering certain terms is extremely useful while playing online games. This list of forbidden words covers only this particular adventure. All adventures must adhere to the Global Settings’ language restrictions.

AI Dungeon download

Simply click these links to install the AI game:

AI Dungeon pricing

There are three AI Dungeon membership tiers:

  • Adventurer ($9.99 USD/mo): Includes Unlimited Wyvern AI and Limited Dragon AI. Per month, 480 Credits are provided. No advertisements.
  • Hero ($14.99 USD/mo): Features Unlimited Wyvern AI and Limited Dragon AI. 760 Credits are offered each month for Voyage access. Ad-free experience.
  • Legend ($29.99 USD/mo: Unlimited Wyvern AI and Limited Dragon AI access. The Voyage will also be available to you. Per month, 1650 credits are given. Ad-free experience.
The Ai Dungeon'S Never-Ending Adventures Are Now More Striking With Images Created By Stable Diffusion
The AI story generator has a freemium model

There are discounts available for subscription lengths that can be customized for each membership category. You have the option of subscribing for one year, six months, three months, or just one month. After a seven-day trial period, these subscriptions automatically renew.

Is AI Dungeon on Steam free?

The price of AI Dungeon on Steam is $29.99 USD. Griffin AI Unlimited, enhanced AI settings for deeper, expanded context, image production, richer management of your tales, and an ad-free experience are all available to buyers. Your account will receive the Traveler tier when your Steam purchase is connected to your Voyage account, and the Steam advantages are available across all platforms.

AI Dungeon alternatives

What are the AI Dungeon alternatives? Is there anything similar to AI Dungeon? Is there any other game like AI Dungeon? The answers are in this section. The followings are the best AI Dungeon alternatives:

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