• Midjourney AI was developed by a group at a for-profit research institution under the direction of David Holz, and it is the most recent AI image generator to go viral online.
  • This generator’s biggest drawback is that it can only be used with the chatting program Discord.
  • Before you may access the Midjourney AI beta testing server, you must create a free Discord account if you don’t already have one.
  • You can also test out this art generator after signing up for a Discord beta tester account and receiving an invitation to the server.

AI art generators have recently generated a lot of buzz in the art and AI communities. When people learned about Midjourney AI art generator, which can produce breath-taking illustrations with relative ease, the craze started. It is one of those instances where AI technology has advanced to the point where it is both intriguing and terrifying at the same time.

Midjourney AI creates amazing illustrations with text input

Nowadays, artificially intelligent internet bots can instantly create photos that look incredibly lifelike. Midjourney AI is the leading competitor in this field.

Recent advancements in AI and intelligent software have been made, especially in the fields of art, design, and photography. Even Google is developing a state-of-the-art AI system that can create incredibly lifelike visuals with only basic written instructions and short descriptions.

Midjourney Ai: Poets Are Becoming Painters With Artificial Intelligence
Midjourney AI: We’ve gave the “robots destroying the human-kind,” input first. This was the piece we decided to create variations with.

You may be familiar with the DALL-E 2, an artificial intelligence program that recently gained fame for its capability to generate any image you need while also generating completely original results. The intelligent AI picture generator first gained popularity on social media platforms like Reddit and Instagram, where the more ludicrous and odd of its creations were shared as memes and quickly went viral.

The most recent AI image generator to go viral online is Midjourney AI, created by a team at a private research facility led by David Holz. The main downside to this generator is that it can only be used with Discord, a chatting application. Let’s call it “Slack for gamers.”

Here is your own personal Salvador Dali, thanks to DALL-E 2 AI

Discord is a social media chat app that functions somewhat similarly to Reddit or WhatsApp. Users can join existing servers or create new ones to interact with friends and communities. If you don’t already have a free Discord account, you must sign up for one before you may access the Midjourney AI beta testing server. Before the trial time ends, you can only utilize the AI for a total of 25 free prompts.

After this, you won’t be able to ask for picture recommendations in conversations without paying for a membership to the service, which costs $10 per month (about £8 or AU$14) or $30 per month (roughly £25 or AU$43) for the limitless personal use of the AI and the photos it generates.

Midjourney Ai: Poets Are Becoming Painters With Artificial Intelligence
Midjourney AI: This was the first variation, we have then upscaled the image quality using the bot.

View some examples of the elaborate and amazing images created by Midjourney AI bots by browsing the existing library of generated photos via the community feed, which is prompted by Discord beta testers.

DALL-E 2 now sees the “bigger picture”

After you get an invitation to the server and register for a Discord beta tester account, you can also try out this art generator. First, you join a chat room designed for new users and then input the command prompt signal “/imagine” into the chat box to begin receiving your selected image prompt. You can read instructions detailing how it all works on the welcome page.

We’ve tried Midjourney AI and used the following command: “robots destroying the human-kind.” You can see the results throughout this post.

Isn’t AI already super? Artificial super intelligence is on the way

The bot will then create four photographs based on your command and post them in the conversation. Depending on how many people are using the chat and how active it is, you might need to search through the sea of requests and images being uploaded to get your response.

Midjourney Ai: Poets Are Becoming Painters With Artificial Intelligence
Midjourney AI: This was the second variation, we have then upscaled the image quality using the bot.

Next, you can decide whether to edit one of the four images or upscale another slightly. Upscaling to a size of 1024×1024 will enhance the clarity and detail of the image, or you can maximize the process to a higher resolution of 1664×1664.

Can I sell AI-generated art? 

Some AI art generators let you sell the art you create and utilize it for business purposes, while others do not.

Since DALL-E 2 is an experimental program, you cannot sell any artwork you create with it. Art created by Midjourney AI can be utilized for commercial purposes. Users can use, copy, edit, combine, publish, distribute, and/or sell copies under their standard license. Except for blockchain technology, therefore, you cannot simply generate AI art NFTs.

One of the first AI art generators made accessible to the general public, WOMBO Dream is cost-free and easy to use. Although the final image quality isn’t as amazing as DALL-E 2 and Midjourney AI, Wombo grants a royalty-free license to copy or distribute the artworks.

Final thoughts

We can only speculate where AI-produced art will ultimately wind up as time goes on. AI-powered image production tools may be the next way to commission art for book covers, advertisements, journalism, other businesses, and promotional copyright-free content.

Without a doubt, there will be much more research done in this area with the help of the users themselves, many of whom will seize any chance to experiment with the intriguing realm of AI-generated art and observe how a computer perceives the world.

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