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Digital Transformation In Healthcare 2021
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Digital transformation is more than a mythical buzzword these days. Technological improvements have disrupted many industries, and innovation has transformed the way businesses execute their processes. The number of advances healthcare has made in recent years is mind-boggling, but they’re just getting started. Healthcare innovation has always centered around improving patient outcomes,

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From Shelter To Forever Home, Big Data Helps Pets
Big Data

When it comes to pets, there’s almost nothing an owner wouldn’t do. Many people have a certain soft spot for cats and dogs, and it’s no surprise that organizations and individuals alike are looking to utilize big data to make pets’ lives better. Data’s greatest use may be in adoption

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Professional Sports Get Makeover From Big Data
Big Data

Sports teams, investors, and fans take their sports very seriously. They would do anything to up their game. Big data in the sports industry has been gaining momentum since at least 2007, and now tracking has become the norm. That why the NBA installed player tracking systems in all of

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Three Times Big Data Made Amusement Parks Better
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Amusement parks are big. Rides cost several million dollars, and operators need to keep track of thousands of visitors every day. Big data may be just the solution amusement parks have been looking for, but it won’t be an easy transition. From updating data practices and hardware to convincing customers

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Can Big Data From Wearables Help Us Sleep Better?
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Wearables continue to be a hugely popular item across different age groups and even continents. They track steps and sleep cycles, but just how valuable is that information? In reality, this data is only partially useful for the wearer. Without big data to decipher what is more or less healthy,

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The Physician And The Fitbit: Why Doctors And Administrators Don'T Love Wearables

You may love your Fitbit…but does your doctor? The complicated world of wearable data may make their lives harder. How many doctors encourage patients to use fitbits and wearables? Well, Hawley Montgomery-Downs, an associate professor of psychology at West Virginia University, studied Fitbit’s capabilities. In her words: “I have a

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New Wearable Payment Solution - Debitwear, Launched By Everlink
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Everlink Payment Services Inc.,  a provider of payment solutions & services for credit unions,banks and ISO’s in Canada announced today that it has completed a proof of concept market trial for its latest debit card innovation – DebitWear. DebitWear is a contactless-only, debit card form factor that uses the same EMV

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9-11 March, 2015- Wearables Techcon, Santa Clara

The Wearable Tech industry is still searching for its killer app and the killer device. Wearables TechCon brings everyone working “under the hood”, the expert engineers, developers, designers, and enthusiasts all together in one place at one time! March 6th is last day to get $600 off registration- sign up

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Google &Amp; Biogen Team To Use Wearable Sensors To Study Multiple Sclerosis Progression Through Sensors And Data Analysis
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Biogen Idec, the biotechnology company specializing in treatments of of neurodegenerative, hematologic and autoimmune diseases has formed an alliance with Google’s stealthy advanced research arm Google X in order to study the ‘environmental and biological contributors’ to the spread of multiple sclerosis. The collaboration intends to tap latest tech utilizing

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How Sensors Will Shape Big Data And The Changing Economy
Data Science

As we enter 2015, the long hyped Internet of Things is starting to take shape. We’re starting to see intelligent devices, wearables, and connected items that aim to make our lives easier. The name however – the Internet of Things – slightly obscures the underlying nature of this new system.

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