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Data To The People: The Tableau Visualisation Challenge
Data ScienceNewsTechnology & IT

Win a full license for Tableau software in their visualization challenge! Tableau did not come from modest beginnings. It was the result of three well-prepared Stanford men. It all began when founder Chris Stolte was working on his PhD. With his background in database programming, he saw there were major

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The History Of Bi: The 2000'S And Now
BI & AnalyticsData Science 101

Our three part Business Intelligence series has looked at the key developments in BI from the 1960’s all the way to the late 1990’s. In the first edition, we focused on the way data storage changed from hierarchical database management systems (DBMS), like IBM’s IMS in the 60’s, to network

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Understanding Big Data: Analytics
BI & AnalyticsUnderstanding Big Data

Follow @DataconomyMedia So far in the “Understanding Big Data” series, we’ve looked at what “big data” actually means; what the big data landscape looks like; and some of the infrastructural approaches you might look into when you’re taking the first tentative steps away from the data warehouse. In this edition,

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Tableau 8.2 Now Compatible With Mac

Follow @DataconomyMedia Tableau Software announced yesterday that Tableau 8.2 is now generally available. The update will not only come with Story Points, a feature that allows companies to create stories through visualising their data, but will also be available to Mac users to have a fully featured analytics application on

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Western Union Fights Wire Transfer Fraud With Big Data
Big DataFinanceNews

Big data is allowing Western Union to be proactive in fight against fraudulent wire transfers. They are using massive databases of customer information to analyse the risk that particular transactions may be fraudulent. If they believe any given transaction is the result of a scam, they have the power to

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