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Meet investors, Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, a talent pool of developers and programmers  as they solve three Blockchain challenges over two days in Berlin. Here is why you should be a part of LongHash Cryptocon Vol2. Berlin has been recognised as the cryptocurrency capital of Europe for more than half

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In a world dominated by big data, it stands to reason that many organizations are eagerly seeking out the best data scientists. With all this high demand, data scientists now have their work cut out for them to truly stand out from what is an increasingly crowded field. While it’s true that finding

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Both the TIOBE Index and PYPL (PopularitY of Programming Language) Index for October 2014 are out and the ranking that has been making heads turn is Google’s Dart – for its apparent jump and not. Touted as the successor to JavaScript, Dart has moved up from last year’s 81 to

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The use of statistical language tools like R, SAS and SPSS is growing at unprecedented rates. Forums are full of questions about which program to learn, is one easier than the other, how popular are they, etc. However, what is the current state of these programming languages? – what companies

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