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Where Does Europe Stand In The Development Of Ai?
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What is the future of AI in Europe and what does it take to build an AI solution that is attractive to investors and customers at the same time? How do we reimagine the battle of “AI vs Human Creativity” in Europe?  Is there any company that is not using

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Three Questions You Need To Answer To Succeed In Data-Driven Projects
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The success of data-driven projects has quite a few challenges and barriers. Here is a look at how you could overcome them by simply asking yourself three questions. Data has become probably the most valuable asset that companies could have nowadays. It can give you insights into your customers’ behaviour

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How To Become A Data Scientist In 12 Weeks With Metis
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We caught up with Jason Moss (Co-founder of Metis) and John Harnisher (VP of Data, Analytics and Insight at Kaplan) to discuss the new Data Science course at Metis. Metis offers comprehensive courses in digital practices, designed to teach the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly digital world. The new

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Infographic: Why Marketers Should Love Data

“CMOs face mounting pressure to deliver above market growth, manage growing amounts of data, and adapt to a rapidly changing technology landscape. Successful marketers, however, have figured out how to use data to squeeze billions more from marketing and help their companies grow.” (Infographic Credit: McKinsey) (Image Credit: Tokyo Fashion)

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