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How To Use Elasticsearch For Natural Language Processing And Text Mining — Part 2
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Welcome to Part 2 of How to use Elasticsearch for Natural Language Processing and Text Mining. It’s been some time since Part 1, so you might want to brush up on the basics before getting started. This time we’ll focus on one very important type of query for Text Mining.

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Text Mining
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ElasticSearch is a search engine and an analytics platform. But it offers many features that are useful for standard Natural Language Processing and Text Mining tasks. 1. Preprocessing (Normalization) Have you ever used the _analyze endpoint? As you know ElasticSearch has over 20 language-analyzers built in. What is an analyzer

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Travel Startup Hopper Uses Big Data To Find Cheaper Travel Options For Users
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Travel startup innovator Hopper is mining Big Data to help users to find the cheapest available travel options from across the web. Enunciates Chief Data Scientist Patrick Surry, “Every time you check a price, it’s different, it changes day-to-day, and people have no idea whether they’re getting a good deal.

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What You Don'T Know About Apache Lucene

According to his LinkedIn profile, Robert Muir is Mongolia-based Ghostbuster for Elasticsearch. Any activities involving the elimination of supernatural entities aside, what we do know is that his work at Elasticsearch involves implementing and improving the reliability of Apache Lucene. He’s also an Apache Lucene committer; Lucene is a high-performance,

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Berlin Buzzwords Is Back- Our Pick Of The Events

Berlin Buzzwords, ‘Germany’s most exciting conference on storing, processing and searching large amounts of digital data’, is back for a fifth year. The conference will take place on May 25-28, at Kulturbrauerei Berlin. It will feature a range of presentations on large scale computing projects, ranging from beginner-friendly talks to

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