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Better Cx Through Human-Intelligence-Powered Ai Chatbots
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Whether your current experience with chatbots allows you to believe me or not, better customer experiences are possible with human-intelligence-powered AI chatbots. Research by Gartner indicates that within a few years from now, 89% of businesses will compete mostly on customer experience versus 36% four years ago. That means that

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Data Privacy Regulations And Customer Relationships

Almost everything we do has been affected by Covid-19 – the way we use customer data is no exception. In adjusting your communication to reflect the sudden change in consumer habits, it’s key to adhere to data guidelines, including GDPR. You can only use data for the purpose for which

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Are You Taking Control Of Your Data Or Is It Controlling You?
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In spite of the fact that the term “360-degree view of the customer” has become ubiquitous in the data management and CRM realm for quite some time, it is still quite rare to find a company that has achieved it. The same problems that have plagued companies for years, blocking

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Ryanair Has Grand Plans For Customer Data To Improve Its Service
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Low-cost airline operator Ryanair has revealed plans to implement a host of additional features to its bookings platform My Ryanair, to serve customers better. Tuesday saw Ryanair launch its new Customer Charter and unveiled its 2015 customer experience initiatives as part of its “Always Getting Better”programme. As part of this

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Wibidata Rolls Out Machine Learning-Based Experiment Framework For Personalization Models
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WibiData, the Big Data outfit that uses Machine Learning to personalize customer experience for the enterprise, has announced its latest offering. “Experiments by Wibi” is the first commercial experiment framework to capitalize on the processing power enabled by machine learning in Hadoop. Experiments by Wibi offers retailers a fast way to test and

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