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Samsung Furthers Its Iot Pledge With Tizen-Powered, Smart Home Electronics

Keeping true to its IoT pledge at 2015 CES, Samsung have revealed three new products that run on Samsung’s ‘OS of Everything’, Tizen : refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines. In spite of a 12% growth of Samsung Electronics last year, the South Korean giant suffered a low point in operating

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Samsung Pledges $100M To Make Internet Of Things A Reality
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The 2015 International CES provided a peek into the future of technology, with industry titans showcasing their ideas of what is to come. Samsung was no exception. Chief BK Yoon pledged over $100m in funding to bring about an Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, pouring resources for developers to facilitate

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Ford Reveal Strategy For Smart And Autonomous Transportation At Ces
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The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas saw automaker Ford reveal its ‘Smart Mobility Plan and 25 Global Experiments’ designed as a move to change mobility worldwide. “Even as we showcase connected cars and share our plans for autonomous vehicles, we are here at CES with a higher purpose,”

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