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Cloud Computing Costs Are Started To Become A Heavy Burden For The It Sector
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Rising cloud costs are causing problems for the IT industry. The total amount of cloud investment will reach $544 billion this year, up 21% from last year, predicts the latest study published by Gartner in February. Gartner predicts that by 2025, cloud spending will overtake on-premises spending ($775 billion this

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Amazon Care Is Coming To An End: The Company Has A New Healthcare Approach

There will be an end to the Amazon Care employee health program. Due to its short lifespan and inadequacy as a service for the major enterprise clients we have been aiming for, the service will end on December 31. By acquiring One Medical and taking on Signify Health, Amazon has

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Cloud Adoption On The Rise For Marketing And Sales Companies As Aws And Azure Dominate
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A recent Cowen survey reveals that businesses are showing increased adoption of cloud computing. Leaders Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure also continue to control majority of the public cloud market. Organizations are also looking to benefit from increased cloud adoption. Design software giant Adobe’s Q2 earnings report showed 27 percent growth. Its cloud-based services continue

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Amazon Kinesis Vs. Apache Kafka For Big Data Analysis
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Data processing today is done in form of pipelines which include various steps like aggregation, sanitization, filtering and finally generating insights by applying various statistical models. Amazon Kinesis is a platform to build pipelines for streaming data at the scale of terabytes per hour. Parts of the Kinesis platform are

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Better Allies Than Enemies: Why Spark Won'T Kill Hadoop

Fans and supporters of Hadoop have no reason to fear; Hadoop isn’t going away anytime soon. There’s been a great deal of consternation about the future of Hadoop, most of it stemming from the growing popularity of Apache Spark. Some big data experts have even gone so far as to

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Memsql Reveal New Productivity Tool To Dramatically Improve Data Ingest

MemSQL, the San Francisco, CA based Big Data analytics outfit, has today rolled out a new data loading tool that increases ‘data ingest from popular data stores like Amazon Web Services S3 and the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)’. “The MemSQL Loader is another innovation of simplifying MemSQL implementations with

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Democratising The Cloud Marketplace With Ubercloud
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Two years ago, Wolfgang Gentzsch and Burak Yenier co-founded UberCloud, a cloud marketplace where engineers and scientists can discover, try and buy a range of cloud computing solutions. As well as improving the ease of access and the variety of options available to scientists and engineers, the platform also gives

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Cloud Computing Is Desired But Cannot Be Achieved Due To Shortage Of Skills, Survey Reveals
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The popularity of Cloud computing over the past few years has been nothing short of astronomical. Its promise of significantly reducing costs, shedding unnecessary hardware, and helping many businesses immediately chop redundancies is part of the reason why so many CIO’s are looking towards the Cloud. Yet, according to new

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Tibco Launches New Spotfire Analytics Offering On Aws Marketplace
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TIBCO Software Inc. announced today a new offering on AWS Marketplace, TIBCO Spotfire® for AWS. Users will now be able to use Spotfire® data visualization and dashboards technology on an hourly, pay-as-you-go basis for Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Redshift and more.  Spotfire for AWS provides technology professionals with easy

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Snowflake Scoops Up $26M To Carve Out Niche In Data Warehousing Tech
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Snowflake Computing, a cloud data warehousing startup that’s coming out of stealth mode with intentions to disrupt the data warehousing market, has secured $26 million in Series B funding from prominent venture capital firms Redpoint Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures and Wing Ventures, to do just that. The total investment has

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