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While the field of data science is not tied directly to Big Data, advances in one tends to produce advances in the other. Big Data increases our ability to harvest and process data, while data science allows us to dig into it for insights.

5 Reasons To Attend Data Natives 2016: #2. The Schedule
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This is the second instalment of a series about the second edition of Data Natives. I guess that ‘Doubles’ is the theme of this post. This time, we’ll talk about the conference schedule. By the way, the conference is approaching soon, so don’t sleep on the last chances to attend

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Why Employers Miss Millennial Data Scientists
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The Great Recession may have made many Millennials more sober about their job prospects but for the most talented of my generation, the economic difficulties of 2008 hardly registered as anything more than steeper online shopping discounts. In fact, in the last 8 years, they have become increasingly difficult to court

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&Quot;Finding A Relevant, Trustworthy Dataset Can Be Like Finding A Needle In A Haystack&Quot; - Interview With Satyen Sangani
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Satyen is the CEO of Alation. Before Alation, Satyen spent nearly a decade at Oracle, ultimately running the Financial Services Warehousing and Performance Management business where he helped customers get insights out of their systems. Prior to Oracle, Satyen was an Associate with the Texas Pacific Group and an Analyst

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Interview With Angela Bassa, Data Science Manager Enernoc - Ai With The Best 2016
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Angela Bassa is in charge of the data science team at Energy software intelligence provider EnerNOC — ultimately helping over 1,100 software subscription customers serving over US$1 billion in customer savings to date. With an impressive career trajectory discovering data science while studying math at MIT, Angela also serves as Data Science

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Data Around The World - Part Iv: All Roads Lead To... China
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This week, the STORM team arrived in China – after passing 13 countries and 12 borders, and after a long, long wait at the border to receive Chinese driver licenses. Now there will be 16 days spent in this one country. In this post we’ll find out something more about

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Are We Not Data-Driven? Fact, Myth And Populism In Analytical Cultures
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Today’s tech-savvy organizations are typically proud of their innovation and culture. Most will say they are indeed “data-driven.” However, is it true? In my experience with many silicon entities, not meaning to court tabloid controversy, I would have to answer this question with a “No.”  Let me explain by invoking

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How Successful Data Science Interviewees Made It
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As part of Springboard’s effort to put together a comprehensive, free guide to acing the data science interview, we interviewed Springboard alumni and one of our mentors to get a handle on how they made it past the data science interview. Springboard teaches data science by pairing learners with one-to-one instruction

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Data Around The World - Part Ii: First Data From The Itility Hackathon
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This is the second instalment of our series with Itility. We will cover the journey of the STORM Wave, the world’s first electric touring motorcycle, as it goes around the world in 80 days. The Eindhoven University of Technology team will complete the 23,000 km tour using only the world’s existing electricity grid.

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Speaker Spotlight: Q&Amp;A With Dr. Stefan Kühn - Data Natives Berlin 2016
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Data Natives Speaker Dr. Stefan Kühn is Lead Data Scientist at codecentric. Together with his team he is developing robust, fast and intelligent algorithms and is applying modern machine learning methods for analyzing large datasets. Before codecentric he was a researcher in the Scientific Computing Group at the Max Planck

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Getting Into Data Science: A Guide For Students And Parents
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What do you want to be one you grow up? A data scientist, of course! Though ultra popular, the modern field of data science is relatively new. It’s still developing, which makes it incredibly hard for youngsters to get into it early. Kids can take coding courses to see if

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