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Selected case studies showing how organisations realize the value of big data and analytics to create business solutions and uncover new opportunities.

In This Article, You Can Learn Are Robots Artificial Intelligence, Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Robotics, Ai In Robotics Examples, Ai Robotics Companies, And More.
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All artificial intelligent agents are robots, but is it possible to generalize this to vice versa, that are robots artificial intelligence? Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) have made it possible to find creative answers to the problems encountered by humanity and companies of all sizes across industries. Yet many questions

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In This Article, You Can Learn What Is A Computer Geek, How To Become A Computer Geek, Nerd Vs Geek, Computer Geek Gifts, Geeks' Impact On Computer Evolution, And More.
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Are you wonder what is the meaning of a computer geek? Geeks are so engrossed in their subject of interest that they make information that is often only accessible to scientists in public. They enjoy having a specialty and enjoy delving deeply into their field. Geeks continue to learn. They

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In This Article You Can Find What Is Green Computing, Green Computing Approaches, Green Computing Applications, How Can A Company Adopt Green Computing, And More
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Green computing is a method for making efficient and sustainable use of computers. It includes producing, designing, discarding, and responsibly utilizing computers and related equipment with minimal to no adverse side effects on the environment. Going green is a growing trend gaining popularity as the preferred approach to doing things

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Chief Data Officer
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What’s next for the Chief Data Officer role? How can CDOs navigate disruption, bring business value to their organizations, and, ultimately, get an invitation to the board of directors?

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Ai Is Making Bi Obsolete, And Machine Learning Is Leading The Way
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BI can help you start making sense of your data, but it still expects you to do the heavy lifting when it comes to finding insights. Building predictive models that can cut down your decision time and offer better insights is a must, but achieving them sounds impossible.  So, why

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Free Guide: Do You Need A Data Science Team, Platform, Or Service?
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To guide your company towards success, leaders need a clear idea of what’s around the corner. It’s not enough to analyze what happened in the past. You need to know what the future holds. And that means data science-backed predictive models.  More data science doesn’t always mean more data scientists, though.

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How To Form A Close-Knit Data Science Team In Weeks
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David Kuntz, Head of Data Science at Degreed, discusses how to find and form a close-knit, full-stack data science team in weeks.  We’ve all heard about data science unicorns – people with an almost mythical set of skills that can bring real clout and power into your organisation. But searching

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No Keys To The Kingdom: New Single Sign-On Algorithm Provides Superior Privacy
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Researchers develop cryptographic scheme that completely hides your personal information from third parties when using single sign-on systems. Single sign-on systems (SSOs) allow us to login to multiple websites and applications using a single username and password combination. But these are third party systems usually handled by Big Tech companies

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How Heads Of Data Can Jumpstart Machine Learning Without Hiring
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Read on the extract of the guide “6 steps to jumpstart machine learning using the resources you already have” written by Explorium – it explains how senior data professionals can enable data science in their organizations with the resources they have available, how to use cutting-edge technology to make the

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Operationalising Ai: A Whimsical Dream To Grounded Reality
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The most successful organizations have taken a very pragmatic approach to AI with use cases that solve nagging problems that could not be solved with traditional approaches. Let’s take a look at some of the use cases. AI is constantly evolving and, with every development, its value to businesses grows.

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