What Real Time Streaming Means For Big Data
Big Data

As can likely be expected, big data analytics is in the midst of an evolution. It’s a typical sight for nearly any new technology as experts and organizations get more used to all of its capabilities. Big data is certainly no exception to these changes, especially as businesses understand its

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The Year Data Streaming Becomes Mainstream
Data Science

The rise of Big Data, and the industry’s IoT craze, are driving huge demand for streaming data analytics. There’s an impediment though: streaming data is hard to work with. 2016 will heighten the demand, and also the tension around the difficulty. It may also force a solution. In the big-data

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Voltdb Secures $9.8 Million To Expand Streaming Analytics &Amp; Iot Capability
Data ScienceNews

VoltDB today announced that it has raised a $9.8 million round of funding to extend its SQL in-memory database to power the next wave of real-time, fast data-driven applications. The round was led by strategic investors with participation from existing investors Kepha Partners and Sigma Prime Ventures. Innovations in today’s enterprises

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Netflix Is Revamping Their Data Architecture To Handle Streaming Movies To Millions
Data ScienceNews

Netflix’s growth over the last seven years has led to the provider of on-demand Internet streaming media, utilize ‘robust and scalable architecture’ in order to manage and process user viewing data. Following an announcement earlier this week that they’re open sourcing their data-analysis-on-Hadoop tools, Netflix have now revealed the need for

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How Much Do Musicians Really Benefit From Streaming Music Services?

Following on from our recent report on music streaming service Spotify, we were wondering about how much musicians actually get from having their songs hosted on streaming music services. This infographic claims to have the answer. Although reading through, it may become obvious that this infographic comes from the streaming

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Resilient Data Stream Processing Begin With Redundancy
ContributorsData ScienceFeatured

Applications and products that react to events in real time, such as self-driving cars, heart monitors and flight bookings, require a reliable data flow to function correctly. Think about the disruptions caused when Facebook, AWS or Slack go down. Or take the example of an application designed to monitor electrocardiogram

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Machine Learning Vs Data Science: We Explained The Differences And Similarities Between Data Science And Ml, As Well As Their Salaries, Skills, Future, And More.
Machine LearningBI & AnalyticsBig DataFeaturedUnderstanding Big Data

The much-awaited comparison is finally here: machine learning vs data science. The terms “data science” and “machine learning” are among the most popular terms in the industry in the twenty-first century. These two methods are being used by everyone, from first-year computer science students to large organizations like Netflix and

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Clearbuds Ai Earbuds Bring Peace To Noisy Zoom Calls
NewsArtificial IntelligenceFeaturedMachine Learning

By eliminating background noise and ensuring that its microphones only pick up the caller’s voice, new AI-powered wireless headphones called ClearBuds provide a potential answer because there is nothing worse than one team member calling into a Zoom conference from a busy cafe. Many devices currently utilize speech-enhancement technologies, including

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In This Article, You Can Learn What Are Big Data Services (Bdaas), Big Data Services Company, Big Data Solutions, Big Data Consulting Services, Big Data As A Service Examples, And More.
Big DataFeaturedUnderstanding Big Data

Many businesses are not aware of the potential benefits of big data services. Despite the hype, they either aren’t aware they have a big data issue or don’t view it that way. Big data technologies are generally advantageous for an organization when data volume, variety, and velocity suddenly grow and the

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The Most Popular Data Science Techniques Of 2022
BI & AnalyticsFeatured

Data science techniques, applications, and tools allow organizations to extract valuable insights from data. The evolution of data science and advanced forms of analytics has created significant change for companies. The conditions were created for the emergence of various applications that provide deeper insights and business value. While data science

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