Only a month into the year, and already several of our expert’s predictions for 2015 in big data are coming into fruition. 2015 is certainly looking like the year of AI & automation, with all three of this week’s most-shared news pieces below focusing around prediction and AI. 2015 may, too, be the year of the economists; both Kris Hammond of Narrative Science and Gabriel Lowy of Tech-Tonics Advisors published excellent pieces on the huge big data opportunities for the financial industry.


10 Internet Of Things Influencers You Need To Know10 Internet of Things Influencers You Need to Know

“It is a truth (almost) universally acknowledged that the Internet of Things is going to revolutionise how we live, work and think. Although broaching this field can be daunting, it is certainly worth looking in to the fascinating applications and technology associated with this field- if you’re looking for the latest insights into how IoT will shape our future, this list is a great place to start.”

3 Reasons Why Banks Can’t Afford To Ignore Ai3 Reasons Why Banks Can’t Afford to Ignore AI

“While companies use many approaches to extract value from data they capture, organize and store, it is only recently that we have seen a new class of technologies emerge providing real impact — those powered by Artificial Intelligence, aka AI.”  

Aerospike’s New Ceo John Dillon On The 2015 Roadmap For Database Tech: Less Hype, Better TechnologyAerospike’s New CEO John Dillon on the 2015 Roadmap for Database Tech: Less Hype, Better Technology

Yesterday, NoSQL innovators Aerospike announced that Silicon Valley veteran John Dillon will be stepping into the breach as their new CEO. He’s got big plans for the company- largely revolving around less marketing buzz, and more love for developers. His ambitious roadmap is definitely worth a read.


Eve Stumbles Upon A Possible Cure For Malaria. Eve Is A Robot Scientist.Eve Stumbles Upon a Possible Cure for Malaria. Eve is a Robot Scientist.

A laboratory automation system that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in order to glean and understand scientific data constant experimentation is called a Robot Scientist. Eve is such a Robot Scientist and if certain U.K. researchers have it right, then Eve might have stumbled upon a possible fighting chance against malaria.

This Programme Knows If Your Startup Will Be SuccessfulThis Programme Knows If Your Startup Will Be Successful

The startup landscape is a minefield, where even the most brilliant ideas can fall by the wayside without proper implementation and business acumen. This is where Thomas Thurston comes in. Thurston believes he has developed a predictive algorithm which can mitigate some of the risk involved with starting and investing in a new business.

Am I Going Down? Uses Flight Data To Calculate Odds Of Your Next Flight CrashingAm I Going Down? Uses Flight Data to Calculate Odds of Your Next Flight Crashing

“A new iOS app Am I Going Down? refutes the claim that there’s a “one in a million chance” of your plane crashing. In fact, if you’re on a Boeing 747-700 flight from San Francisco to Dallas, there’s a 1 in 4,593,011 chance you’ll crash.”  


23-24 February, 2015- Eleventh International Conference On Technology, Knowledge, And Society, Ca23-24 February, 2015- Eleventh International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society, CA

Conference themes this year include: Technologies for Human Use, Technologies in Community, Technologies for Learning and Technologies for Common Knowledge.  

12-13 February, 2015- Apache Hadoop Innovation Summit, San Diego Ca12-13 February, 2015- Apache Hadoop Innovation Summit, San Diego CA

“Hadoop, a huge piece of the puzzle, continues to present both exciting opportunities and engineering challenges. Can you become cloud native? What new alternative paradigms are available with Hadoop? What are the limitations of sole Hadoop use? How can you use it for machine learning. What about Integration? Corporate Accessibility? Ethics? These burning issues are what the summit looks to address.”


Numberfour AgSr. Data Engineer (m/f) –NumberFour AG   

“As our Sr. Data Engineer you are responsible for the planning and implementing of scalable, stable and high-performance scoring systems.”

Physicist / Mathematician / Computer Scientist As Data Scientist (M/F)	Physicist / Mathematician / Computer Scientist as Data Scientist, Blue Yonder

If you would like to be part of a highly innovative, challenging and extremely future-oriented software market, and a young and highly motivated team, then please send us your detailed application.

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