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A Team Of Researchers Developed Microrobot Collectives That Are Able To Move In Any Pattern. The Tiny Particles Are Capable Of Swiftly And Effectively Changing Their Swarm Behavior.
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A team of researchers developed microrobot collectives that are able to move in any pattern. The tiny particles are capable of swiftly and effectively changing their swarm behavior. The study is conducted in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS), Cornell University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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Mit Researchers Claim They'Ve Developed A New Method To Teach Robots New Skills, Which May Help Them Perform Manual Labor Objectives More Effectively.

MIT researchers claim they’ve developed a new method to teach robots new skills, which may help them perform manual labor objectives more effectively. A warehouse robot picks mugs off a shelf and places them in boxes for shipment when e-commerce orders pour in. Everything is going smoothly until the warehouse

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Automation Jeopardizing Our Future
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This article originally appeared on Hackernoon and is reproduced with permission. Earlier, widespread automation meant the introduction of service sector jobs or big stupid machines doing repetitive work in factories. That’s not the case a couple of decades down the line, is it? Now there is software that can land

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Why We Need To Open Up Ai Black Boxes Right Now
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AI has been facing a PR problem. Too often AI has introduced itself as a misogynist, racist and sinister robot. Remember the Microsoft Twitter chatbot named Tay, who was learning to mimic online conversations, but then started to blur out the most offensive tweets? Think of tech companies creating elaborate

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Ai Revolution
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If the popular media are to be believed, artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to steal your job and threaten life as we know it. If we do not prepare now, we may face a future where AI runs free and dominates humans in society. The AI revolution is indeed underway. To

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Irobot &Amp; Astronomers In A Tiff Over Robotic Lawn Mowers. No, Really.
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iRobot is a US based advanced tech outfit that develops proprietary technology incorporating advanced concepts in “navigation, mobility, manipulation and artificial intelligence to build robots,” that serve three tiers : Home, Security and Remote presence. Now, taking the Home segment further, the company is believed to be working on an

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10 Data Science Stories You Shouldn'T Miss This Week
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Only a month into the year, and already several of our expert’s predictions for 2015 in big data are coming into fruition. 2015 is certainly looking like the year of AI & automation, with all three of this week’s most-shared news pieces below focusing around prediction and AI. 2015 may,

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Eve Stumbles Upon A Possible Cure For Malaria. Eve Is A Robot Scientist.
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A laboratory automation system that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in order to glean and understand scientific data constant experimentation is called a Robot Scientist. Eve is such a Robot Scientist and if certain U.K. researchers have it right, then Eve might have stumbled upon a possible fighting chance against

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Code Climate Scoops Up $2M In Funding For Its Code Review Robot
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Automated code review system startup, Code Climate has raised a $2M round of financing, led by NextView Ventures, joined by Lerer Ventures, Trinity Ventures, and Fuel Capital. NextView co-founder and partner David Beisel wrote in his blog post, “I expected to hear a balanced set of positive and negative feedback,

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Understanding Big Data: Machine Learning
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In 1959, Arthur Samuel defined machine learning as a “Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”. It’s a science of algorithms and automation; the algorithms “learn” from the dataset, identifying patterns or classifying trends for instance, and then automates output- whether that’s sorting

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