Cloud-based data visualization startup DataHero has gone into an alliance with Marketo, the market automation tool provider, according to an announcement that came early last week.

Through this collaboration Marketo’s 3,000+ customers will be able to tap analytics from lead activity reports to identify the sources, campaigns, and leads that add the most to the bottom line.

“2015 is gearing up to be the year of Cloud Data,” believes DataHero CEO and Co-founder Chris Neumann. “Our partnership with Marketo helps marketers dig deeper into their marketing automation data and instantly combine it with Cloud Data from other services they rely on, providing a full picture of their marketing pipeline,” he added.

Filtering based on lead score, DataHero can identify exactly where the best leads come from and monitor the marketing funnel from start to finish, saving hours of combing through raw data to find insights, explains their press release.

Apart from suggested charts on patterns gleaned from the data, DataHero has the option to create custom charts as per requirement, which are updated in real-time with the changing Marketo data. An option to merge the data with other sources,like Excel files and additional cloud services is also available.

Loretta Jones, VP of Marketing at Insightly points out: “The DataHero integration with Marketo allows users to make informed business decisions with little hassle. It is a huge time saver to see real-time patterns in data across all your data sources.”

(Image credit: José María Pérez Nuñez, via Flickr)

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