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In This Article, You Can Learn What Are The Cloud Computing Vulnerabilities, Concerns, And Threats Such As Misconfigured Cloud Storage, Data Breaches, Insecure Apis And More.
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Are you prepared for cloud computing vulnerabilities? Businesses are still developing new apps and moving old ones to cloud-based services. Organizations that use cloud technologies and/or pick cloud service providers (CSPs)s and services or applications without fully understanding the risks are putting themselves at risk of several commercial, financial, technological,

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In This Article You Can Find What Is Cloud Computing, Required Skills For Cloud Computing Jobs, And What Are Cloud Computing Jobs Such As Cloud Engineer, Devops, Data Engineer And More.
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What are cloud computing jobs? Professionals with cloud computing expertise will be in great demand as more companies worldwide undertake significant digital changes. In 2018, professionals in this field earned a median of more than $146,000 — far above the median salary of $124,300 observed just two years previously. There

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What Is Fog Computing, The Definition, Origins, How Does It Work, Difference Between Edge Computing, Benefits, Use Cases, Iot And 5G Connectivity Relation
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Cisco coined fog computing to describe extending cloud computing to the enterprise’s edge. It’s a decentralized computing platform in which data, computation, storage, and applications are stored somewhere between the data source and the cloud. What is fog computing? The cloud is connected to the physical host via a network

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Today We Will Explain What Is Hybrid Cloud Computing, How Does It Work, Its Benefits, Use Cases, Difference Between Hybrid Cloud And Multi Cloud.
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Hybrid cloud computing unifies private, public, and on-premises IT infrastructures to form a single flexible, cost-effective IT infrastructure. The hybrid cloud provides orchestration, management, and application portability across these environments. What is hybrid cloud computing? A hybrid cloud is an IT architecture that incorporates workload portability, orchestration, and management across

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How Agile Cloud Solutions Can Upgrade On-Prem Performance: The Bi Business Case
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Moving IT to the cloud is one of the main objectives  for many companies. But once achieved, they find managing data in a hybrid environment a challenge. This is when metadata management becomes more important than ever. Cloud vs. on-premises? It’s one of those topics that you hear broached at

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Unlock The Cloud’s Potential: Security Tools And Best Practices
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The cloud continues to play a crucial role in business. With cloud applications being used at every department of an organization, it’s important that the same security controls that organizations have relied on to protect their on-premises IT infrastructures is also extended to the cloud. Companies currently use 1,427 cloud services,

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Cloud Adoption On The Rise For Marketing And Sales Companies As Aws And Azure Dominate
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A recent Cowen survey reveals that businesses are showing increased adoption of cloud computing. Leaders Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure also continue to control majority of the public cloud market. Organizations are also looking to benefit from increased cloud adoption. Design software giant Adobe’s Q2 earnings report showed 27 percent growth. Its cloud-based services continue

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Ensuring Data Security In A Cloud Based Knowledge Base
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Cloud computing is quickly becoming popular and the number of cloud based applications is increasing with the passage of each day. One of these is the cloud based knowledge base. A knowledge base is a digital resource that contains data as well as the rules for sharing and updating information

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Is Fog Computing The Future Of The Cloud?
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The IoT already produces massive amounts of data. It’s time to start dealing with it. Is Fog and Edge Computing inevitable? What happens when the cloud isn’t enough? This is a modern problem if there ever was one. Experts are saying 2016 will mark the rise of a new system:

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Better Allies Than Enemies: Why Spark Won'T Kill Hadoop

Fans and supporters of Hadoop have no reason to fear; Hadoop isn’t going away anytime soon. There’s been a great deal of consternation about the future of Hadoop, most of it stemming from the growing popularity of Apache Spark. Some big data experts have even gone so far as to

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