IBM has announced that it will be releasing a new software-defined storage platform for the cloud. The product, called SmartCloud Virtual Storage Centre (VSC), wiil “help clients transition from traditional to agile, cloud-ready, software-defined storage environment with no ‘rip and replace’” according to the company.

The way the company plans to help their customers is by providing a platform for storing data and also offering a data-management system that offers a range of administrative tools, including a plug-in for VMware vCentre.

It is said that IBM’s release of VSC is targeted specifically to midsize businesses. This niche, according to IBM, is now facing the same big data storage problems as large organizations are facing.

As popularity for software-defined storage grows the market should anticipate a surge of similar applications coming its way. However, while there are open source software-defined storage solutions, like OpenStack Swift, large technology companies like IBM are releasing “production-ready solutions” which makes it increasingly difficult for smaller firms to compete.

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(Image Credit: Gary Hayes)

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