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“Machine Learning? You Are Going Into A Great Area.” - Interview With Tripadvisor'S Jeff Palmucci
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Jeff Palmucci has been writing code professionally since he was 11 years old. A serial entrepreneur, Jeff has started several companies. He was a Founder and the VP of Software Development for Optimax Systems, a developer of scheduling systems for manufacturing operations. Optimax was acquired by i2 Technologies where he

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Yandex Announces Yandex Data Factory - B2B-Service For The Enterprise
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Yandex, the Russian Internet company and also the country’s biggest search engine, rolled out  earlier this week at the  LeWeb innovation conference in Paris, the Yandex Data Factory. The new Yandex B2B-service will allow corporate and enterprise clients,to harness their machine-learning technologies, “to turn large volumes of data they posses

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