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Top Virtual Reality Blog For Vr Lovers And Developers
Data Science 101

Love virtual reality? Whether you want to learn from developers, read up on the latest trends, or check out new games and releases, there’s a blog for you. Here’s some of the best virtual reality blogs around in mostly alphabetical order. Road to VR THE VR. Blog This is pretty

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An Introduction To Virtual Reality: Where Does The Technology Stand?
Data Science

No matter what word you use—virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial life, virtual environments—the upcoming family of virtual technology is slowly but surely coming to the general market. New VR companies are popping up. Old companies are finding new uses for VR. Data science is getting a VR makeover. All of

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'Big Data Vr Challenge' Winners Announced
Data ScienceNews

International developers and researchers gathered earlier this year for the ‘Big Data VR Challenge’, hosted by games industry giants Epic Games and biomedical research charity Wellcome Trust. Their mission was to provide virtual reality solutions to researchers who need to manipulate and visualise vast data sets in real-time. This contest

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