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The Telecommunications (Security) Act Aims To Raise Security Standards Throughout The Vital Uk Mobile And Internet Networks

The UK government has completed a set of new cybersecurity rules and a code of practice for communications service providers (CSPs) to comply with their new legal obligations under the Telecommunications (Security) Act, which became law in November 2021. The Act, which the government describes as among the strictest telecom

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Today, Uk Revealed A New &Quot;Ai Rulebook&Quot; That It Hopes Would Help Regulate The Industry And Spur Innovation, Just 2 Months After Eu Ai Act.
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The British government has frequently emphasized its goals of becoming an “AI superpower” in the world. Today, it revealed a new “AI rulebook” that it hopes would help regulate the industry, spur innovation, and increase public confidence in the technology. According to the AI rulebook, artificial intelligence regulation will be

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To Further Support Its Thriving Ai Business, The Uk Is Preparing To Relax Data Mining Laws.
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The UK is preparing to relax further data mining laws to support its thriving AI business. We all know that data mining is crucial to AI development. Tech companies are in a good position since they already have enormous datasets or have the resources to sponsor or pay for the

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Improving Quality Of Life In Future Cities: Data As A Tool To Promote Sustainability
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The challenges facing cities in the 21st century are greater than ever. A new focus is required to overcome the emerging social, technological, economic, environmental, and political forces exerting pressure on cities. This new focus must address how to create cities that are sustainable– for citizens, for business and for

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London Startups Do Better Where There Is Less Accessible Public Transport, Says Placeilive

New research from, the Yelp for Neighborhoods, has visualized where in London most businesses make it through their crucial first two years. Using open data, which they use to calculate their signature Life Quality Index, they ranked London’s boroughs according to the 2-year business survival rates. Two year business

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Predictive Maintenance: Big Data On Rails
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With passengers once again left frustrated by rail delays and disturbance over the Easter period, UK rail operators will no doubt face further scrutiny over the quality of service they are providing commuters. With services frequently disrupted by signalling problems, broken-down trains and congestion, the industry, the Government and, of

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Sisense Research Shows Major Surge In Uk Tech Investment
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Sisense, the business analytics software company that offers business intelligence products has revealed in a new study, an increase in “confidence” in the UK tech sector through 2014. Analyses of a decade worth of startup data on 12,000 UK companies against data on approximately 300,000 companies in the CrunchBase database

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&Quot;Make It Digital&Quot;- How The Bbc Aims To Give Out 1 Million Micro-Bit Computers To Create A Nation Of Coders

BBC has launched an initiative across UK to spawn a digitally aware generation that would be more proficient in coding, programming and digital technology. The initiative, entitled Make it Digital, intends to address the requirement of 1.4m digital jobs in the next five years. “BBC Make it Digital is hugely

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Apical'S Computer Vision Programme Art May Prove Pivotal For The Internet Of Things

Apical, the tech company that has been innovating with camera and display subsystems over the years, has launched a unifying person-centric platform for the smart home, dubbed ART, to better integrate human behaviour with the environment utilizing latest breakthroughs in machine vision intelligence. An announcement that came earlier this week

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10Th March, 2015- Actionable Behaviour Analytics For Web And Mobile, London

A Great Opportunity to Network and Learn about Behavioural Analytics at the Barclay’s Escalator (Mile End, London) about creating the ultimate behavioural funnel (RSVP here). What is funnel analysis? Well, it is a useful tool for analyzing user success in completing a certain flow or process, understanding where users are churning

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