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Dating Website Eharmony Gets An It Overhaul

eHarrmony is set to strengthen its technological base using Hadoop, Spark, Docker and possibly OpenStack. Company CTO Thod Nguyen says eHarmony is trying to evolve  into a company that’s able to innovate on the IT front, as well as the dimensions-of-compatibility front. In conversation with Gigaom, Nguyen expressed that “A big

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Microsoft Azure Will Kill The Traditional Datacenter: Three Observations
Data Science

Last week I attended a specialized training/go-to-market program in Seattle hosted by Microsoft’s Azure team.  It was a week full of clam chowder, excellent crab cakes, ridiculous discounts at the Microsoft store, and technical training on Azure, Microsoft’s massive and fully loaded penetration point into the world of cloud computing. 

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Storm Becomes An Apache Top-Level Project

The Apache Software Foundation has declared Apache Storm a top-level project, marking a major step towards its maturity as a technology. Designed by the team at BackType/Twitter, to analyze the tweet stream in real time, Storm became an official Apache incubation project in September 2013. Ever since, Hortonworks engineering has

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Understanding Big Data: Open Source
Understanding Big Data

The open source technology market is huge. It fuels 1 million unique projects today, and opens up massive opportunities for small and large enterprises alike. It means small companies can deploy technologies in a cost-effective manner, and large enterprises have the means to scale; as John Gallaugher points out, Google has

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ConversationsRetail & Consumer is an online retail portal based out of the Netherlands. They sell over 8 million products, stocking everything from entertainment to electronics, from books to jewellery. Recommending the perfect product from this vast range can be like finding a needle in a haystack; we caught up with Barrie Kersbergen,

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