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Data ScienceUnderstanding Big Data

NASA is often on the front end of tech trends. They are constantly coming out with new tools, releasing incredible footage and data, and even support open source communities. Given how much information they can and often need to receive from their space equipment, it is no surprise that they

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Data ScienceNews

Planet Labs, the US based private startup that intends to create an ‘Earth-imaging satellite network with open data access’, just leveled up with a planned $70 million Series C round funding. The funding round which brings the total investment into to the company to $95 million, was led by Data

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Machine LearningNews

As the scope of usage of machine learning gradually grows in enterprises and scientific fields, another field where it has penetrated is astronomy, helping astronomers gain understanding of the properties of a large numbers of stars. “It’s like video-streaming services not only predicting what you would like to watch in

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Data Science

The space race began decades ago, but it has now reached unprecedented new levels that are scaled on a near-daily basis. Back then, it was nations getting into space. Now, that has transformed to what level of space nations can cross. With each nation’s every attempt (successful or otherwise) to cross

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