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Deep Learning
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Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning and it comprises several approaches to tackling the single most important goal of AI research: allowing computers to model our world well enough to exhibit something like what we humans call intelligence. On a basic conceptual level, deep learning approaches share a

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An Introduction To Recommendation Engines
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I’ve previously written a lot on data mining in the abstract; now, I want to start taking you through some practical applications. Welcome to the fascinating world of the recommendation engine- this post will walk through the concepts, and later posts will teach you how to implement your own. What

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Pinterest Acquires Kosei To Beef Up Machine Learning &Amp; Product Recommendation
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Following on from their acquisition of VisualGraph last year, Pinterest are back on the machine learning acquisition hype with their latest purchase, Kosei. Kosei is machine learning startup that is led by data scientists & recommendation engine specialists. “Over the past year, Kosei has been building a unique technology stack that drives

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