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These days, every business is exploring ways to use data and new technologies to gain a competitive edge. While there’s no questioning the value to be found in big data analytics, organizations have had a low success rate to date when it comes to rolling out data initiatives. A recent

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Qubole’s mission to help every business turn data into business value via cloud computing has just received a massive boost. They have announced an impressive $13 million funding round, led by Norwest Venture Partners. With the money, the team plan to expand their signature offering, the Qubole Data Service, as

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“The biggest issue for governments today is how to be relevant. If all citizens are treated with dignity and invited to collaborate, it can be easier for administrations to have a direct finger on the pulse of the nation rather than lose it in transmission through multiple layers of bureaucracy”.

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Qubole, a self-service Platform for Big Data Analytics, announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft Azure in a step to make Big Data solutions more accessible to more people on more platforms. Big Data is an elastic workload and the ideal cloud use case. The Qubole Data Service is a great

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