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Meet Pinnability- Pinterest'S Machine Learning Tool For Personalising Your Feed
Machine LearningNews

With the aim to offer a more nuanced content to the user, Pinterest have unveiled a machine learning tool that provides the user with the most personalized and relevant Pins. The ML tool, titled Pinnability, runs on smart feed, “and estimates the relevance score of how likely a Pinner will

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Data Vs. Style- When Data'S Not The Only Thing That Matters
BI & Analytics

The data science market has reached a point that we can safely assume that if you have customers, data is valuable to you. It can help you find new customers, re-engage exisiting ones, and make product recommendations tailored to their specific needs. But for Westwing, an online style and furniture

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Ryanair Has Grand Plans For Customer Data To Improve Its Service
Data ScienceNews

Low-cost airline operator Ryanair has revealed plans to implement a host of additional features to its bookings platform My Ryanair, to serve customers better. Tuesday saw Ryanair launch its new Customer Charter and unveiled its 2015 customer experience initiatives as part of its “Always Getting Better”programme. As part of this

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