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5 Amazing Companies That Really Get Big Data
Big Data

Here’s the second part of my roundup of companies that will be making waves in the big data world this year. Whereas in part one I focused on the giants of the industry, which have been around since the start, in this post I look at the newer names which

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Big Data To Curb The Menace Of Human Trafficking And Prostitution
Big DataNews

Polaris program launched seven years back is helping monitor human trafficking activities and offering hotline services. The project which has received upto 75,000 calls, would require specialists to rummage through a document detailing 215 protocols for handling specific situations and a list of 3000 resources including various agencies and link

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Secretive Data Mining Innovators Palantir Raising Funds- To What End?

Palantir, the CIA funded US firm that specializes in data mining and analysis, is currently raising a serious round of funding, according to sources close to the company. Palantir could be looking at raising $400 million through the current round at a valuation of around $15 billion, according to Forbes. Knowledgeable

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Palantir Have Busy Week, Acquire Poptip And Propeller
Data ScienceNews

Palantir, a big data company whose clientele includes the US Army and several government agencies, has been busy this week. They’ve announced the purchase of two startups, Poptip and Propeller. Palantir’s exact motivations for these acquisitions remain nebulous. Tuesday saw the announcement of the Poptip acquisition. Poptip is a social

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