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Mastering Data Management: Mdm, Soa, Esb, And Other Three Letter Words
BI & Analytics

I met with a client last week that was trying to determine what and how to deal with one of the most common and complex problems that organizations both small and large have to deal with – data management.  This oil and gas company had data coming out of its

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Ebay Brings Out Open-Sourced Kylin, Built From Scratch, Which Taps Distributed Processing And The Hbase Data Store To Accelerate Analytics

Ebay’s latest offering to the open-source community is designed to accelerate analytics on Hadoop and allow the use of SQL-compatible tools, while providing an SQL interface and multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) on Hadoop to support extremely large datasets. Dubbed, Kylin, according to an eBay blog post, this is what it essentially

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