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Nvidia'S Gtc 2022 Shows How Data Science Is Crucial For Future Technologies
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This week, Nvidia laid out its strategy for moving forward with the next generation of computing. Nvidia Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) saw CEO Jensen Huang reveal a variety of technologies that he claims will power the future wave of AI and virtual reality worlds. Even though Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference,

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Nvidia’s Drive Px Platform To Pave Way For Self-Driving Cars Using Deep Learning
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Nvidia, Pioneers of visual computing have launched the Drive PX platform for cars which will take self- piloted cars to the next level. It was unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The DRIVE PX platform is based on the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, enabling smarter, more

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Data-Centric Computing To Expedite Us Department Of Energy Operations

In the USA, the Department of Energy have awarded $425 million to IBM and NVIDIA to develop supercomputers with data-centric computing architecture. “Data-centric computing, or the idea of locating computing resources all places where data exists to minimize data movement, is a necessary and critically important architectural transition that IBM is

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Mapd Finds Funds Worth $1.5M For Fueling Product Development From Nvidia And Google Ventures
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MapD, a Big Data analytics and visualization platform, has secured $1.5 million from Nvidia, Google Ventures, and other participatory investors, with the aim to fund its product development and its first commercial release, later this year, reports Venture Beat. “There aren’t really any other tools on the market that allow

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