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10 Essential Database Ingredients
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Whenever you ask a successful company why they wrote their own large distributed system, or put a lot of work into gluing multiple systems together, the reason almost always boils down to something like, “Well, XYZ did nearly everything we needed, except…”. There are a couple of stellar write-ups from

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10 Big Data Stories You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

TOP DATACONOMY ARTICLES Python Packages For Data Mining “Just because you have a “hammer”, doesn’t mean that every problem you come across will be a “nail”.The intelligent key thing is when you use the same hammer to solve what ever problem you came across. Like the same way when we

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Memsql Reveal New Productivity Tool To Dramatically Improve Data Ingest

MemSQL, the San Francisco, CA based Big Data analytics outfit, has today rolled out a new data loading tool that increases ‘data ingest from popular data stores like Amazon Web Services S3 and the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)’. “The MemSQL Loader is another innovation of simplifying MemSQL implementations with

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