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Real-Time Data
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Real-time data is immediately passed along for analysis rather than collected and stored. Some such systems offer on-demand real-time analytics. In those cases, the platform does not send data until a person requests it. It’s immediately available once they do.  Other real-time data tools have continuous analytics capabilities. Then, the

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German Radiologists Are Eager To Co-Create The Future Of Ai In Their Field.
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What is the promise of AI to radiologists? How will the future customize preventive medicine using cross-functional data, like genomics and historical data? Read on.  One hundred and fourteen years ago, the first Röntgen Congress was held in Berlin to explore Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen’s discovery, X- Rays, a medical miracle

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Google Ventures Invests In Big Data Cancer Treatment

Google Ventures lead a $130 million Series B funding round on big data cancer treatment startup Flatiron. Launched in 2012, Flatiron tracks and aggregates a large number of cancer-patient data to help doctors make treatment decisions. Google Ventures partner Dr. Krishna Yeshwant stated “Cancer will likely touch all of us

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