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Talking about FinTech can be a bit tricky. Even when we think outside of the box, leaving behind California, London and Stockholm, many will still forget one of the biggest FinTech contributors today: Israel. Despite having four Israelis listed among HotTopic’s recent “100 Most Influential FinTech Leaders,” and a large

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Seven financial tech startups for the 2015 FinTech Innovation Lab London have been shortlisted, and the portfolio ranges from ‘web-based programs assessing real-time geopolitical risks,’ to ‘faster data exchange and reconciliation solutions.” The seven entrepreneurial efforts have been selected to participate in this year’s FinTech Innovation Lab London, where it

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Google’s Project Loon, an initiative to provide the world’s most remote places WiFi through a hot air balloon, has just travelled around the globe in 22 days. The flight of the balloon exceeded Mountain View’s expectations on Thursday (the team believed it would take 33 days). The Google balloon, named

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