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Huawei Tech Chief Discloses Company'S Big Data, Iot Expansion Strategy For The Future
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Following a Reuters reveal on new year’s eve regarding the Chinese telecom equipment and smartphone manufacturer Huawei’s  smartphone sales going up a third to $11.8 billion in 2014, company chief, Ken Hu offered a public enunciation of the company’s growing revenue and portfolio. “In 2014, the ICT industry grew tremendously

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Infosys And Huawei Collaborate To Offer Cloud &Amp; Big Data Solutions

India’s second-largest IT services provider, Infosys, have been busy recently. As well as extending their decade-long partnership with Microsoft and offering next-generation infrastructure to enterprises in collaboration with Hitachi, they’ve announced an entirely new partnership. They’ve partnered with Huawei to Huawei’s cloud computing infrastructure and Infosys’ IT expertise to their

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Huawei And Intel Sign Strategic Partnership

Huawei, an ICT solutions provider, announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership memorandum with Intel, the leading computing technologies provider. It is said that Huawei and Intel will strengthen their existing collaboration in technical collaboration, product R&D, and “joint marketing initiatives, to drive the advancement of big data

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