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Artificial Intelligence Laws And Regulations Eu, Us, Uk, China And India
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Artificial intelligence laws and regulations are still a new concept for most countries, and the current state of rules is neither universal nor inclusive. It’s crystal clear that AI’s constructive and negative roles in every sector require a call for agreed-upon rules. Artificial intelligence (AI), the creation of computer systems

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German Radiologists Are Eager To Co-Create The Future Of Ai In Their Field.
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What is the promise of AI to radiologists? How will the future customize preventive medicine using cross-functional data, like genomics and historical data? Read on.  One hundred and fourteen years ago, the first Röntgen Congress was held in Berlin to explore Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen’s discovery, X- Rays, a medical miracle

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What Are The Sportstech Opportunities In Europe?
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Here is what a recent report says about opportunities for startups in Sports Technology in Europe. With 1500 startups and 900 new investment deals, it is safe to say that the field is vast and possibilities in the sector are booming. What is a SportsTech startup? How are these startups

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“Perhaps By The End Of 2021, Fintech Will No Longer Be A Buzzword At All…” - Interview With Swipestox’s Wladimir Huber

Wladimir Huber (29) worked several years as a professional trader in a German investment bank, founded an eCommerce startup and holds a M.A. in Finance from Leuphana University. Since he graduated from the university, he constantly developed internet business models. He especially enjoys the data-driven and analytical approach to business.

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Is Berlin The Future Of Fintech?

Berlin seems to be the perfect climate for entrepreneurs. From the newly launched FinTech startup solarisBank to increasingly popular Number26, startup culture in the German capitol is a powerful force. Despite London leading the pack in FinTech, Berlin is emerging as a real competitor, whose FinTech sector continues to grow

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5-7Th May, 2015- Re:publica 2015, Berlin

The re:publica is one of the largest and most exciting conferences about digital culture in the world. Since its foundation in 2007, it has grown from a cozy blogger meeting with 700 participants into a wide-ranging “society conference”, with more than 6000 visitors annually. Representatives of digital culture share their

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8Th May, 2015- #Unit Festival, Berlin
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#Unit festival is a new tech event with a message, promoting the power of unicorns in the technology community. 40+ top tech speakers delivering insights from a range of backgrounds. Music performances, interactive installations and thought-provoking entertainment. A dynamic networking experience with the opportunity to make an abundance of new

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How Zalando Used Bayesian Statistics To Save Loads Of Money
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Everyone likes to save money–and when you’re running a huge business like Zalando, saving money by making your systems more efficient can mean saving millions of Euros. That’s why I’m excited to tell you that the Zalando Data Intelligence team recently found a way to save us piles of money.

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&Quot;New Services Will Put Us In The Driver’s Seat.&Quot; – Lars Markull Of Figo Talks Fintech And The Future

Lars Markull is all about FinTech. Currently working in business development for German banking API figo, he’s both a catalyst and an observer of the financial sector’s digitization. We caught up with Markull to discuss the FinTech community, a digital future, and the figo API. What is your background, and

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Behind The Scenes At The Berlin Big Data Center
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When we think of “governments” and “data”, the associated thoughts that spring to mind aren’t often positive. But we’ve seen government-backed and -funded initiatives around the globe which aim to harness data science for positive growth and change. From fighting fires in Israel to amplifying the voice of the electorate

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