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Some Of Astrazeneca'S Guidelines For Applying Responsible And Ethical Ai In Its Operations Have Been Made Public.
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Some of AstraZeneca’s guidelines for applying responsible and ethical AI in its operations have been made public. The British-Swedish giant has four foundations for AI governance: inventory (of technologies to log), definition (of AI application), governance framework and controls, and overall AI standards and policies. Asking questions on ethical AI

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Data Natives Unlimited 2020
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Data Natives Unlimited – Europe’s biggest data science and AI event – was forced out of its regular, “so Berlin” home this year thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. What followed was an endeavor that exceeded our expectations. With 5,000 attendees, over 150 speakers, incredible partners, fantastic volunteers, and a team

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Ethics, Privacy And Discrimination In The Age Of Big Data

At Data Days 2014, one of the most compelling talks came from Lorena Jaume Palasi, a lecturer & PhD candidate at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Her talk addressed intriguing questions about data ethics- do we need to create new ethical paradigms to deal with data? Where does the

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