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Colleges Utilise Data Analytics To Bump Up Graduation Rates In The Us
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Data Analytics has found its way into the US education system where data silos containing performance data of former students are being analysed to predict the outcomes of current ones. According to a Time report approximately 125 schools around the U.S. have been collating and sifting through years of data

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Why Data Will Transform Learning
Technology & IT

Amrut is helping change the way India learns. Re-imagining what learning should be. He’s committed to destroying the one-size fits all system and replacing it with personalized learning, empowering the learner to shape their learning and not be a passive recipient. The big debate – Data vs Intuition How many

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Big Data Online Course
Data Science 101

The explosion of hype around the term “big data” ushered in a rabid desire in companies big and small to get their hands on employees with a data science skill set. For evidence, you need look no further than Indeed’s graph of the number of big data-related job postings: If you

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Udacity'S Bid To &Quot;Democratize Education&Quot; Gets $35M Strong Impetus, Attracts Industry Attention With &Quot;Nanodegrees&Quot;

Online educational startup (and one of our Top 10 big data online learning resources) Udacity has closed a financing round of $35 million with investors worldwide, such as Drive Capital leading the round. Early patrons Andreessen Horowitz and Charles River Ventures with Peter Levine and George Zachary, also participated. Mark

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