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What Is Iot Connectivity: Examples, Providers, Technologies, Providers, Options And More
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Due to the fragmented nature of IoT deployments, organizations can select from a wide range of IoT connectivity standards. IoT enables the creation of new business models, and product offers as well as digital transformation. Billions of IoT devices can be connected by expanding on current cellular networks, which will

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The Demand Toward Smart Home Appliances Is Growing
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As of the end of June 2022, there were 17.1 connected devices and smart home appliances on average per home worldwide, up 10% over the previous year in the same period. The highest penetration of connected devices to date was discovered in US homes powered by Plume, with an average

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&Quot;Security Is The Big Issue To Solve Around Iot.&Quot; - Interview With Cesanta'S Anatoly Lebedev
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Anatoly Lebedev is the CEO and Co-Founder of Irish company Cesanta. Together with his team, he helps define the future of embedded communication technologies. He believes that if we want to get to 20 billion connected devices by 2020, then IoT integration needs to be made simple, secure and fast.

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Hilary Mason: The Cult Of The Algorithm Is &Quot;Marketing Bullshit&Quot;
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It seems not a day goes by without an industry leader remarking that machine learning algorithms are the future of everything. Unfortunately, data scientist extraordinaire Hilary Mason is calling bullshit on the whole affair. Mason is the CEO and founder at Fast Forward Labs, a machine intelligence research company. While

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10 Internet Of Things Influencers You Need To Know
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It is a truth (almost) universally acknowledged that the Internet of Things is going to revolutionise how we live, work and think. From the explosion of sensor data, to connected cars, to the smart homes and cities of the future, IoT is permeating its way into every facet of our

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How Sensors Will Shape Big Data And The Changing Economy
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As we enter 2015, the long hyped Internet of Things is starting to take shape. We’re starting to see intelligent devices, wearables, and connected items that aim to make our lives easier. The name however – the Internet of Things – slightly obscures the underlying nature of this new system.

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