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What Is Anything As A Service, Xaas, X As A Service, Everything As A Service, The Idea Behind Xaas, Types Of Xaas, Xaas Types, Benefits Of Xaas, Challenges...
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Anything as a Service (XaaS) is a term that refers to a broad category of cloud computing and remote access services. Anything as a service is an all-encompassing phrase that refers to providing anything as a service. Businesses can pay a monthly subscription to a managed service provider to ensure

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What Is Fog Computing, The Definition, Origins, How Does It Work, Difference Between Edge Computing, Benefits, Use Cases, Iot And 5G Connectivity Relation
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Cisco coined fog computing to describe extending cloud computing to the enterprise’s edge. It’s a decentralized computing platform in which data, computation, storage, and applications are stored somewhere between the data source and the cloud. What is fog computing? The cloud is connected to the physical host via a network

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Iot And The Supply Chain: The Complexity Of Staying Connected
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The tech world is abuzz with how the Internet of Things (IoT) will change everything—usually for the better. It could be the dawn of incredible connectivity, speed and efficiency. While consumers need only concern themselves with what new gadgets and toys they can connect, manufacturers have a long road ahead.

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Irish Startup Asystec And Cisco Come Together To Roll Out Complete Big Data Solution In Joint Venture
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Data management innovator Asystec, has entered into a joint venture with networking solutions provider Cisco in order to combine their “unique methodology and expertise in Data Analytics while Cisco delivers infrastructure and experience to provide a complete Big Data solution.” “Corporate partnerships are fueling the growth of the world’s most

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Ge, Cisco Orchestrate Plans To Provide Big Data Services To The Enterprise
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Last week we saw Cisco reveal the Cisco Connected Analytics for the Internet of Everything portfolio – a comprehensive data and analytics strategy and solutions portfolio. Retailers and event organizers, two target customers of CISCO’s analytic services, will be able to glean valuable data from the rapidly expanding ecosystem of

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Cisco’s New Analytics Offering Leverages Network Intelligence To Translate Data Into Actionable Business Insights
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Networking giant Cisco has revealed the Cisco Connected Analytics for the Internet of Everything portfolio, a comprehensive data and analytics strategy and solutions portfolio. Customers will be able to extract structured, valuable data from the rapidly expanding ecosystem of connected people, processes, data and things that together forms the Internet

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Microsoft Azure Will Kill The Traditional Datacenter: Three Observations
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Last week I attended a specialized training/go-to-market program in Seattle hosted by Microsoft’s Azure team.  It was a week full of clam chowder, excellent crab cakes, ridiculous discounts at the Microsoft store, and technical training on Azure, Microsoft’s massive and fully loaded penetration point into the world of cloud computing. 

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Cisco Keen On Metacloud Acquisition To Reinforce Its Intercloud Strategy
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It was revealed yesterday that networking giant Cisco is in talks to acquire Private OpenStack cloud service innovator, Metacloud. With an aim boost its strategy towards building the world’s largest global Intercloud – a network of clouds – Cisco has been mobilizing significant technology partners, service and cloud providers, integrating

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Is The Internet Of Things Just Noise?
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If there is anything that has generated more noise than “Big Data,” it would be “The Internet of Things,” Cisco’s much-vaunted ideation of a world interconnected through the intelligence buried into the technology components that make up our lives. From cars to coffeemakers, one day everything will be connected to

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