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How Data Science Is Driving The Driverless Car
Big DataTransportation & Logistics

Google may be the first name associated with driverless cars, but they’re not the only ones interested in the technology. More importantly, it seems people have wildly different opinions on exactly how the story will play out. How much data will these cars produce? What kind of legal quandaries will

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Ford Focuses On Big Data Ambitions With The New Silicon Valley Research Centre
Big DataIndustrial Goods & ServicesNews

Ford have been at the forefront of top-down big data analytics from the get-go. In our interview with Ford’s Chief Data Scientist Mike Cavaretta last year, he alluded to the opening of a research centre, to propel Ford’s big data research to dizzying new heights. Now, this plan has come to

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Uber Plans To Set &Quot;New Standard For The Future Development Of Our Cities&Quot;
Data ScienceNews

Uber, the app-based transportation network and taxi service provider, has revealed a data-sharing alliance with Boston authorities, touting it a “first-of-its-kind partnership”. The insights gleaned from Uber’s vast trove of data will assist in developing strategies for the urban sprawl- relieving traffic congestion, expanding public transportation, and reducing greenhouse gas

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How Ford Uses Data Science: Past, Present And Future
Data ScienceTransportation & Logistics

Success stories of how data-driven practices can revitalise businesses are rife today, but there are few as compelling as the story of Ford. In 2006, the legendary car manufacturers were in trouble; they closed the year with a $12.6 billion loss, the largest in the company’s history. As we reported

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Formula One Wins Riding On Big Data Analysis
Big DataNews

Formula One race predictions are increasingly relying on Big Data Analysis. With nearly 243 terabytes (a little over the data at US Congress Library) of data being generated by race teams combined in the 2014 U.S. Grand prix in Austin, TX, dozens of engineers are working on remotely tracking the

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